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set forth authoritatively as obligatory

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She informed that on Consumer Act violation, the retailers were imposed fines amounting to over Rs1.
Malaysia, on the other hand, has an 8-percent corporate-income tax on the life-insurance fund, which includes investment-linked funds and 24 percent is imposed on shareholder's fund of a life-insurance company.
He said that Rs 30 million fine had been imposed on 3,361 pilferers of Cantt division during July 2016 to May 2017, Rs 23.
About 16 percent of the 9,000 legislative proposals reviewed since UMRA took effect have included private-sector mandates, and about 4 percent of the proposals included private-sector mandates that could have imposed more than $150 million in annual costs, the CBO analysts said.
In section 2, I explain Lester's account of liberty as absence of imposed cost.
Moonshine is intoxicating; the perfect place for refuge, prospect and for an extremely well imposed change of pace.
5 cents per $100 of Kentucky gross receipts or 75 cents per $100 of Kentucky gross profits, is imposed.
law permits countervailing duties to be imposed only if a foreign supplier is benefiting from subsidies and U.
On Friday, the district issued a statement saying it was ``taking steps to help the city of Palmdale build a hospital for the entire community'' and released a letter written to City Manager Bob Toone asking the agreement condition be imposed on Universal Health Services.
They say onerous fees and taxes imposed by federal regulators on the aviation industry are forcing airliners to place their ticket prices out of the reach of more and more travellers.
They argue that, well before its militarization in the late eighteenth century, the Junkers had already imposed a degrading and impoverishing serfdom on their rural subjects, crushing all resistance and replacing it with the Kadaver-Gehorsam (unquestioning obedience) that would henceforth characterize the relationship between rulers and ruled in Prussian society.
Courts of appeals in at least three circuits have upheld health plan provisions that instead imposed their own, much shorter limitations period.
Other sentences imposed by Judge Cicconetti include requiring gaudy license plates on the cars of DUI offenders and making vandals lead a donkey bearing a sign which said "Sorry for the jackass offense.
They said lenders in countries which imposed a cap tended not to offer small loans over a short period.
The surcharges are imposed since June 25 to be effective for 5 years, but could be reviewed after 12 months being imposed, according to the finance ministry.