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insistent solicitation and entreaty

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with Portraits of the most Remarkable" announces deliberate control over selected material, even as it scrupulously refrains from using the term "beggar." The choice of "wanderer" over a word that makes a profession out of importunity, not to mention the emphasis on the book containing only selected material, helps Smith and his collaborator, the antiquarian Francis Douce, give a particularly charming turn to a normally grim aspect of contemporary life in the capital.
No flattery could induce him to attend to unjust petitions, and though that ductility of mind, which may be wrought upon by the impudence of importunity is by some called good nature, he considered it the greatest disgrace." "Brutus was acquainted with all the sects of the Greek philosophers, and understood their doctrines."--"He spoke with great ability in Latin both in the field and at the bar.
Glosses are provided for many words that either appear in modern dictionaries or, if used by Browne in ways that differ slightly from modern usage, seem clear enough in their context: in Religio Medici alone, glosses are provided for importunity, singularity, clime, prelates, usurpation, scrupulous, take up the gauntlet, extirpate, inveigle (spelled differently in text and in key word in gloss), solecism, equivocal (twice), cosmography, prodigies, hieroglyphics, Pentateuch, legerdemain, changelings, progenies, antipathies (twice), construe, memento mori, livery, flaming mountains ("volcanoes"), inundation, reprehension, impostures, peccadillo, quotidian, prating, husbandman, deleterious.
Those buffer zones, Souter wrote in 2000, shielded "people already tense or distressed in anticipation of medical attention (whether an abortion or some other procedure) from the unwanted intrusion of close personal importunity by strangers.''
This may look like a typical example of teenage importunity and entitlement, but in the context of the clinic why not consider the member's complaints as a sign of health?
egesfulnes 'fearfulness, fear'; eldeodignes 'pilgrimage, exile'; gemahlicnes 'importunity; wantonnes'.
Johnson later might have had second thoughts about this importunity, since King and civil rights activists would take direct action in Selma, Alabama, that aroused massive resistance from local police and state troopers as well as national demonstrations in support of the marchers, some of which were directed at the president for not taking immediate action to avert the violence.
Secondly, a plaintiff may argue that the transaction has been caused by the effect of an importunity of the plaintiff so as to amount to unconscionable conduct on the part of the plaintiff's attorney.
And as in negotiation with others, men are wrought by cunning, by importunity, and by vehemency; so in this negotiation within ourselves, men are undermined by inconsequences, solicited and importuned by impressions or observations, and transported by passions.
Amongst them also was that poor woman ....who came to a sad end, as some of the company told me....she would often ask the Indians to let her go home; they not being willing to that, and yet vexed with her importunity, gathered a great company together about her and stript her naked, and set her in the midst of them and when they had sung and danced about her,...they knockt her on the head and the child in her arms with her ...they made a fire and put them both into it.
"I don't believe you thoroughly appreciate the importunity of our present predicament." Then, twiddling at his shirtfront, he switched to Oliver Hardy.
Yes, she is truly passionate for the embraces of her father, when with shameless importunity she exerts herself to breach the agreement between you and the Supreme Pontiff, who is the fathers of fathers.
But when Laertes warns her not to get too close to Hamlet, or else she may "lose [her] heart, or [her] chaste treasure open / To his unmastered importunity," she grows still and stares straight ahead as he tells her to "fear it" (1.3.31-3).
Finding new love in a middle school principle, Oliver's life seems to be growing more problematic, but the importunity to make a difference in the lives of others may give Oliver what he needs to fix his own life.
importunity of the latter, the ignorance of the former, and the