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Synonyms for importune

Synonyms for importune

to trouble persistently from or as if from all sides

firm or obstinate, as in making a demand or maintaining a stand

Synonyms for importune

beg persistently and urgently


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Without mincing words, it pointed to the law under Section 50(3) of the Road Transport Act 1987, unlawful interference and importuning.
Men could even be prosecuted for chatting each other up - known as"importuning".
If Kim is indeed in a race against the clock to forestall economic disaster at home, importuning Seoul to help lift (or at least ignore) international sanctions, relax nuclear counterproliferation efforts and revive sunshine economic programmes could be the most expeditious way to get out of a bind.
'After sacrificing the Constitution to the altar of presidential importuning by extending baselessly martial law at the President's behest, legislative high priests and their acolytes took a long nap without preparing and enrolling the necessary joint resolution,' he said.
I do believe that we sometimes overreact to male sexual importuning. And sometimes we need to laugh at male excesses, but that certainly doesn't include actual groping.
"The council does not have a specific policy in relation to chuggers but it has adopted a bylaw that prevents 'Touting and Importuning' of any sort and this would have an effect in relation to chuggers," said Hartlepool Council solicitor Hayley Martin.
Washington's response to date is to shoot rhetorical blanks into the air, importuning a trio of bad actors to live up to their commitments.
This importuning got him cashiered in 1773, after which he spent time farming until Frederick William III reinstated him in 1787.
While pimping and accepting an offer are illegal under the Sexual Offences Act as importuning it is legal for a man or woman to sell their body privately in a flat.
After a rip-roaring and oddly class-conscious importuning to not mess around with "Booshwa Sally,'' the listener is back on the road in "Bobb's Psychedelic Car,'' where the breaks are shot and tires are squealing.
Mr Cripps explained that the proceedings were taken under a regulation which reads: "That no person in the area shall molest or importune any person of the opposite sex, or loiter for the purpose of importuning any such person in the area set out in the schedule."
Mr Marnoch, who died aged 58 in 1999 soon after his retirement, also intimated to the source that police working in Piccadilly Circus had got a report of the same politician importuning at one of London's most notorious rent-boy haunts - the "chicken rack".
But why this importuning? It's all here so like the havoc of
In an interview after the aborted execution, the victim's mother told the Reformist daily Sharq that she had resisted importuning from within her family to call off the execution.