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in a beseeching manner

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tried to preach in high society salons that everyone has to work, that a life without work is a meaningless shameful waste, the listeners always got very angry as they perceived it as a personal condemnation, and they would argue against it importunately ...
The postulation on the alternation of contradictorily directed acts has an important consequence: the objectivity of the subjective is implicit within it and does not require any proofs lying beyond its bounds, for example, proofs "from the brain," which are insistently and importunately imposed on psychology by neurophysiology.
John Baptist's head importunately) to crave the good bishop's and Sir Thomas Moore's [sic] heads, which thing at length, to their immortal glory, she compassed ere the year turned about, to her perpetual shame and ignominie, lost her head also, as did the foresaid dancing [p.
Thou shalt know them by their (Unfailing) mark: They beg not importunately from the sundry (Quran.
she asked importunately. Smiling, she made allusions to Sophie.
The implication was that the best interests of modern Ireland lay not in the severance of the link with England for which Irish nationalists so importunately agitated but in its maintenance.
In a plummeting balloon, there would be no need for a first vote on who should be tossed overboard to lighten the load: the Anglican, always earnestly and importunately eager to please - will invariably volunteer." (p.93)
Similarly, if Apollonian intensities are glimpsed in Hal's progress or in Prospero's project, they're admittedly less vividly and importunately dramatized in Shakespeare than are daemonic temptations.
Get the spectator to imagine someone in the represented space, someone who tries, tries hard, tries importunately, and fails, to gain the attention of the figure who is represented as there in the space; get the spectator moreover to imagine this person from the inside so that, this imaginative entry into the picture over, it will then be for him as if he had himself experienced some of the tedium, some of the frustration, some of the sense of rejection, that must attend any attempt to establish contact with the represented figure--and then the content of the picture will be brought home to him with clarity and cogency.
The words that Anselmus's wife speaks ten lines later, "whats ther, how now Sir, what yor busines?" (TLN 2093) seem to suggest that although Leonella does not admit Votarius straightway, he is visible while importunately asking her to let him enter.