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the commercial activity of buying and bringing in goods from a foreign country

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This includes 'rice, with a minimum amount of P10 million, as valued by the Bureau of Customs, committed through any of the following acts: (a) Importing or bringing into the Philippines without the required import permit from the regulatory agencies; (b) Using import permits of persons, natural or juridical, other than those specifically named in the permit; and (c) Using fake, fictitious or fraudulent import permits or shipping documents.'
"We are very pleased about the brewery's continued commitment and look forward to importing and marketing Tsingtao in the U.S.
Given the current prices and local taxes of about 15%, importing rubber duty-free is said to be cheaper compared to buying from the domestic market.
If these adjustments occur between an importing U.S.
China has a sizable pig iron production capacity, but is currently importing some pig iron.