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someone whose business involves importing goods from outside (especially from a foreign country)

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The FSVP rule brings a new player into the importation process -- the FSVP importer. The FSVP importer is charged with verifying the safety of the food imported and ongoing monitoring of the compliance status and food safety performance of the supplier.
The proposed FSVP requirements vary based on a variety of factors, including the type of food product (e.g., processed foods, produce and dietary supplements), the category of importer, the nature of the hazard in the food and who is to control the hazard.
The new regulation also obliges the producer and importer to launch advertisement campaign, in different media outlets, to warn and urge consumers and vendors to return their stock of the relative product.
In the first five months, sales of the top-four imported luxury-car brands dropped from 51% to 34%, with importers urging the cessation of the luxury tax to save the imported-car market.
Summary: KARACHI -- The UAE was the top importer of Pakistan's best-known rice basmati during July-April 2010-2011.
Most Competent Authorities, however, have not yet codified those new importer and distributor requirements into their own playbooks when they transposed Directive 2007/47/EC into their regulations--the United Kingdom's Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA)'s transposition certainly did not include importers and distributors.
CIGARETTE sales are down by 15 per cent, compared to this time last year but rolling tobacco sales are up 25 per cent, since the tobacco tax hike was imposed in December, a leading importer said yesterday.
Consider the following example of a retroactive upward transfer price adjustment, or additional payment, between an importer and its overseas parent company / supplier post-importation.
TELECOMWORLDWIRE-30 March 2009-Actify releases importer updates and improvements(C)1994-2009 M2 COMMUNICATIONS LTD
Worldwide Computer Products News-30 March 2009-Actify releases importer updates and improvements(C)1995-2009 M2 COMMUNICATIONS LTD
If Chinese suppliers maintain adequate and accessible liability insurance, an importer faced with a product liability lawsuit in the United States, for example, may be entitled to make a claim against a Chinese manufacturer's insurer.
In an unusual deal, the importer of a 600-year-old line of cologne originally created for the 16th century Queen of France Catherine de Medicis has secured one of the few remaining warehouse spaces in SoHo.
Radimiro Petucio, a steel importer, says the market position enjoyed by CAP and by Brazilian producer Gerdau, totaling 95% of the domestic market, makes importing rebar difficult.
Salmonella isolates found at any importer's laboratory in Denmark are submitted to the reference laboratory for further analyses.
CBP specifies five basic elements of internal controls that must be in place for an importer's regulatory-compliance program to meet the agency's standards.