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Synonyms for importantly

in an important way or to an important degree

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military, NATO, the Obama administration, and most importantly, for the people of Libya," Kirk added.
On the purpose of his visit to the Sultanate, he affirmed that his visit to the Sultanate comes to discuss a number of topics with a number of officials in the Sultanate, most importantly providing some medical needs in Gaza Strip and the West Bank, such as, mobile clinics, pointing out that there are many patients who can not reach the health centres due to the security barriers and the Israeli wall which requires providing mobile clinics with crew to reach to those patients.
Most importantly to us, she has been safe and happy and returned to us without incident.
However, such a move is directly at odds with the regulatory objectives of adequate capacity, affordable coverage, market stability, and most importantly, insurer solvency.
The "We regret" sections complain about Canadian bishops not being receptive to the need for separation, divorce, and "new religious orientations chosen by family members;" of having a legalistic image; of rigidity and intransigent stands on moral issues; of failing to be open to Communion for the divorced and re-married; of an unwelcoming attitude towards homosexuals; of opposition to general absolution; of refusing to allow married priests; of having a "fear of dialogue with other Churches." Most importantly, they object to the bishops favouring "the unconditional alignment" of our "Canadian Church" with the directives from Rome, and giving "priority to the re-affirmation of dogma and traditional morals" (rather than listening to the people).
These proactive, creative partnerships are major economic and workforce development drivers, and importantly, key players in urban renaissance.
If you are an avid knitter or, even more importantly, knows someone who can't live without knitting needle in hand, you must have AT KNIT'S END: MEDITATIONS FOR WOMEN WHO KNIT TOO MUCH.
It's good for the environment, but more importantly, it's good for the residents of San Jose Villanueva."
Jackson provided exceptional comparables and insight into the Brooklyn residential market; but most importantly, he demonstrated the damage that could be done to a transaction if an appraiser not familiar with the New York City market enters a deal.
More importantly, only close observation of the game can detect truly outstanding defense, for there is no box score category for cutting one's man off at the baseline.
The IFN-[beta] la preparation employed in this study was selected because it is currently used as part of the most effective treatment regimen for relapsing forms of multiple sclerosis (8), and more importantly, because it was shown to have antiviral activity (as measured in a vesicular stomatitis virus cytopathic assay system) 14 times greater than the currently available treatment using IFN-[beta] 1b (9).
Most importantly, active archiving ensures data quality and referential integrity.
More importantly, it is the first attempt to offer a coherent account of closet drama as a counter-tradition to the commercial stage.
The Network was formed two years ago to provide a mechanism for communication between all projects, build a referral process between each other and, more importantly, share best practice.