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impressive in appearance

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Being a Friday lunch time, the business district-based restaurant was naturally busy, and we found ourselves outnumbered by important-looking men in suits.
The other televised race is tricker but AN ACCORDION (2.10) is still unexposed and David Pipe's new conditional Johnny Farrelly, who made a real impression when riding for Jonjo O'Neill last year, takes off an important-looking 5lb.
Clutching an important-looking red dossier, she lost her black stiletto on her way to meet Prime Minister Gordon Brown.
The important-looking man saw that the Navy men were too concerned about their own lives, and he cried for help.
There were red flashes everywhere, on the buses, pillars, and all the nearby important-looking buildings.
Her main ambition is to write a really thick, important-looking book.
In his most recent documentary feature, Traitre ou patriote, he purchases a picture of an important-looking individual from an antique shop.
'We learnt something from Pokemon,' he says, glancing at the bright yellow Pikachu cuddly toy - a 'thank you' gift - which sits on top of one of his important-looking book cases.
There were several clerks on the sales floor, but most were helping customers or striding around with clipboards or important-looking papers in their hands, so the Secret Shopper approached a sales clerk who was stacking baskets to ask for help.
And why were they accompanied by important-looking officials from the Ministry of Forestry?
I asked a vaguely important-looking Arriva official on Dale Street and he had no idea, other than telling me that the 86 terminates there in the morning.
From their offices on London's Baker Street, they send important-looking letters giving the impression that you've won a big prize.
"Can I speak to her?" I asked someone important-looking.
Several hundred CD Roms, mostly containing pictures of chairs and tables you'd only buy if you had more money than sense, some glitzy invites for unattended launch parties and the odd defaced copy of Space (curly moustaches scrawled on beautiful female models, speech bubbles by the mouths of important-looking men in sober suits saying things like "I dance for money").