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Synonyms for import

Synonyms for import

to have or convey a particular idea

to be of significance or importance

the general sense or significance, as of an action or statement

the gist of a specific action or situation

Synonyms for import

commodities (goods or services) bought from a foreign country

an imported person brought from a foreign country

a meaning that is not expressly stated but can be inferred

having important effects or influence

transfer (electronic data) into a database or document

indicate or signify


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These employees are concentrated in construction but are also concentrated in the largest importable sector, fabricated metals.
From standard properties of the expenditure and GDP functions, we know that the Hicksian demand functions for importable goods are [e.
Spare parts on the regular regular inventories of such projects will also be importable.
In Figure 1, the horizontal axis and vertical axis measure the exportable good X and importable good Y of the home country A, respectively.
Therefore, the output of the importable (Y) must fall.
The equilibrium market price of wheat in Pakistan, is somewhere between the importable and the exportable price and stays in this small range.
5) Furthermore, we extend the Blanchard-type model to a three-good open economy composed of exportable, importable, and non-traded goods to allow us to consider the dynamics of the real exchange rate when demand changes.
A few days later I took the shotgun into the jungle and shot a white-lipped peccary (legal to hunt, but not importable into the U.
An analysis of Pakistan trade liberalisation experience discussed by Khan (1998) showed that in the decade of seventies three major steps were taken in order to encourage exports; (i) devaluation of Pakistani Rupee by 57 percent in 1972; (ii) elimination of export bonus scheme that moved policy-makers towards a more uniform exchange rate system; and (iii) end of restrictive licensing in which six separate import lists were reduced to only two: the free importable items list and a tied list of items importable only from tied aid or barter sources.
By comparison, those to secure net gains will be persons whose comparative advantage docs not lie in the production of importable goods.
Following the reforms, the pattern of comparative advantage did not change for female workers but now all male workers with other tertiary qualifications or less tended to be associated with exportable production and other higher qualified male workers with importable production.
It is assumed that neither the exportable good nor the importable good is an inferior good.
All this has resulted in a more efficient economy, one which no longer biases economic decisions in favor of the importable goods sector at the expense of the exportable goods sector.
The importable policy library currently supports the following Center for Internet Security (CIS) benchmarks: Windows XP Professional v2.
The importable items from Vietnam to Pakistan include iron and steel, organic chemicals, telecommunication & electrical equipment and spices.