import credit

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credit opened by an importer at a bank in his own country upon which an exporter may draw

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Established in 1976 by the South Korean government, the bank has played an important role in the country's economy by providing export and import credits, overseas investment credits and guarantee facilities to support South Korean companies.
The Australian sanctions are effective immediately and include the suspension of the Australia-Fiji Trade and Economic Agreement and Import Credit Scheme.
The September 1998 package of deregulation on the import of wheat and wheat flour was positively welcomed by a number of wheat-producing countries by, among others, providing an import credit facility.
The bank also provides overseas investment credit, natural resources development credit, import credit, and information services related to business opportunities abroad," the statement concluded.
This is what state-owned Philippine Export Import Credit Agency General Counsel and Officer-in-Charge Isabelo Gumaru warned as he expressed opposition to bills seeking to abolish the OGCC and to have it absorbed under the OSG.