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any regulation or policy that restricts international trade

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Forty new import barriers were erected by G20 states between mid-May and mid-October this year -- six times more than during the preceding six months -- impacting $481 billion in trade, a fresh WTO report showed.
Earlier Saturday, Trump said he had floated the idea of countries dropping all import barriers, saying he would do the same in return.
This includes removing import barriers to agricultural goods including rice and limiting the NFA to just concentrating on building up stocks to buffer emergencies,' Unyon ng mga Manggagawa sa Agrikultura (UMA) secretary-general John Milton Lozande said.
Economists have warned that BMW and Daimler could be among the main victims of trade tensions between the US and China, should the Asian nation really double its tariffs on car imports from the United States.In the latest round of proposed tit-for-tat import barriers amid the current US-China trade row, Beijing has among other things threatened to double its duties on car imports from the United States.
Forecasters said the impact of yesterday's move should be limited, but investors worry the global recovery might be set back if other governments respond by raising import barriers.
Forecasters say the immediate economic impact should be limited, but investors worry the global recovery might be set back if other governments respond by raising their own import barriers. Those fears temporarily depressed financial markets, though stocks have recovered some of their losses.
But before that can happen, African countries need to agree on a common schedule for lowering their import barriers. That will require potentially complex negotiations among multiple stakeholders.
To increase vitality of the country's main industries, the ministry vowed to aggressively cope with import barriers in other countries, including taking the issue to WTO.
Its leader rails against foreigners, erects various import barriers, and pushes for low interest rates and lots of cheap credit for favoured sectors.
imposes new import barriers in response to its current-account deficit.
'It is likely that they would go all-out in promising huge FDI flows to the Philippines, along with easing import barriers into China.
For example, we should reevaluate the current system for deciding trade agreements, which have become more about regulatory and investment issues than about eliminating import tariffs or other import barriers. It is no surprise that even some free-trade supporters object to agreements that allow trade groups to insert language granting multinational corporations undue market power at the expense of consumer protection.
For example, through COMEX (External Commerce Committee, in Spanish), the government has introduced import barriers that affect raw materials and final products - a development which reduced overall production in the first half of 2014 and slowed down volume growth rates.