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any regulation or policy that restricts international trade

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To better exploit the opportunities presented by global value chains, they also stand to benefit from removing import barriers for their exporting industries.
The Charolais pioneers spent more than six years breaking down the import barriers before the Government finally gave the green light in 1961 for the first importation of bulls, and then only under its own terms of agreement.
Welsh Charolais breeder Dai Lewis, president of Charolais International, the breed's umbrella organisation of 27 member countries, said: "The Charolais pioneers spent over six years breaking down the import barriers before the Government finally gave the green light for the first importation of bulls in 1961.
Mission to the European Union sums it up as follows: "Import standards and phytosanitary requirements are being used to create import barriers, and imports of many products are required to undergo duplicative and expensive quality [and] safety inspection procedures.
He said the increased cooperation would show other countries that more trade, not import barriers, would beat the crippling recession.
The United States announced in April last year that it had filed legal action against China before the World Trade Organisation over copyright infringements and the country s import barriers to foreign music, films and books.
Import barriers are used to redistribute the income from the consumer to the producer, but do so inefficiently with the net economic loss as the costs to consumers are much greater than the benefit to the producers.
It filed a separate complaint claiming Chinese import barriers hamper the distribution of foreign books, music, videos and movies in the country.
Iran's state-owned domestic car makers, protected by high import barriers and being a powerful lobby, are expected to produce over 1m new models in the current year.
Both of those countries enacted sweeping, unilateral reforms, including the elimination of import barriers and domestic price support subsidies.
Speaking at Beef Expo 2005 in Wales this week, Evans, who heads Beef Improvement Services, said that against a current EU market demand of around eight million tonnes a year, import barriers such as tariffs and levies would lead to shortages.
that taking drastic action, such as erecting stiff import barriers to Chinese goods, will do little more than shift offshore product sources to other countries like Vietnam and Malaysia.
If an investment project does not meet the above criteria, it is subjected to multiple import barriers.