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Synonyms for import

Synonyms for import

to have or convey a particular idea

to be of significance or importance

the general sense or significance, as of an action or statement

the gist of a specific action or situation

Synonyms for import

commodities (goods or services) bought from a foreign country

an imported person brought from a foreign country

a meaning that is not expressly stated but can be inferred

having important effects or influence

transfer (electronic data) into a database or document

indicate or signify


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Consider first how competitive need limits affect import shares.
In quantity terms, the rates of growth of both imports and exports of goods and services slowed markedly from robust rates in 1994, in line with slower economic activity in the United States and abroad.
About 3,147,549 metric tons of palm oil imported in 12 months of the year 2018-19 as against the import of 1,843,351 metric tons of same period of last year.
It is true that when the rupee becomes weaker and import duties go up simultaneously imports bill shrink particularly if lower economic growth and higher inflation are reducing aggregate demand.
The imports of handsets into the country decreased by 10.87 per cent during the Financial Year 2018-19, as compared to the corresponding period of last year.
Imports declined mainly because of decrease in arrival of furnace oil, machinery and electric equipment, palm oil and textiles.
The import of milk, cream and milk food also witnessed a decline of 10% to $199 million from $221.26 million in same period of last year, whereas the import of dry fruits and nuts also plunged to $37.89 million in July-April (2018-19) against the import worth of $97.1 million in same period of the preceding year.
BAI data showed that pork imports during the two-month period accounted for nearly
Bulk of the imported crude oil, or 86.9 percent, was sourced from the Middle East.
On an average, Pakistan is importing eight LNG vessels almost every month, including six vessels at Engro's Elengy import terminal and two at Pakistan's LNG terminals, the PSO CEO said.
He added the energy import bill would have immediately risen 22 percent because of rupee depreciation, irrespective of price and quantity of energy imports.
Meanwhile, import of milk products rose by 8.07 percent to $251.7 million while that of tea surged by 6.76pc to $524 million.
(2006) Determining Import Intensity of Exports for Pakistan SBP Research Bulletin Vol.
Domestic demand for black tea increased with the advent of cold weather, the commodity's import posted nearly 67 percent hike in November this year against imports recorded in the corresponding month last year.