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Synonyms for imponderable

Antonyms for imponderable

a factor whose effects cannot be accurately assessed

difficult or impossible to evaluate with precision


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One of the great imponderables of climate change will be Antarctica's response to today's warming over the decades ahead.
The portion of that archive that has been sequenced by the artist and published as Imponderable offers a dialectical view into a twilight world both distant and familiar, an archaic domain (there's a printing plate for a late-eighteenth-century manual on how to cast spells believed to have been compiled by Moses) and one whose UFO and seance photos could be lifted from sci-fi and horror films.
LEAVING aside the controversial "personality" bit attached to the BBC's Sports Personality of the Year award, this year has thrown up another imponderable with the runner-up prize going to the darts player Phil Taylor: What constitutes a sport?
"It's an imponderable as to why these players can't get better form.
Consider the 12-1etter word IMPONDERABLE and the 8-1etter word SOFTENED:
From life's minutiae to the imponderable mysteries of the human heart, to the simple joys and beauties associated with a simpler life and easier times, each individual poem is a carefully crafted with an succinct introductory comment, making it an elegantly presented work of poetic art.
commence its imponderable strategy--that's another story
The great imponderable is whether Micky Adams will use the tie as an opportunity to firm up what he considers to be his first-choice lineup or will give starts to some of the players who have had to be content with bit-part contributions to date.
Buried within the imponderable bulk of that measure are "millions of dollars for controversial enforcement measures, including sobriety checkpoint roadblocks and now automobile seizures," reports The Newspaper, an online publication focusing on automobile and transportation issues.
There are too many unanswered and imponderable questions for my liking.
The deduction is allowable if the motor home is "used primarily as a means of transportation," but not if it is "used predominantly to furnish lodging." Thus, the case presents an imponderable question: "When a vehicle can be simultaneously used for both lodging and transportation, how can one tell which use is primary?"
One major imponderable that hangs over U.S.-Chinese relations is the value of the renminbi, which is pegged to the dollar.