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Synonyms for imponderable

Antonyms for imponderable

a factor whose effects cannot be accurately assessed

difficult or impossible to evaluate with precision


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A second imponderable, and perhaps the most important one, is that shopping--going to the mall or downtown shops or big discount stores--is a social experience for many families.
It is the sort of conceit that allows us to focus on the inner workings of Moses' emotional life instead of facing the imponderable mystery of the God who will not be named or known.
It is this rift, says Teskey, that is expressed in the classic macrocosm/microcosm analogy, which betrays a gulf between 'our awareness of the imponderable otherness of nature and our equally imponderable embeddedness in nature' (p.
Most analysis of the judicial function proceeds on a rather highfalutin level, with subtle and imponderable contentions about comparative institutional capacities floating back and forth.
Yet after World War Two which seemed finally to shatter the British Empire, it was the pale green shoots of a succeeding Commonwealth which led the world into imponderable relationships, linked by law, language, literature and inevitably cricket.
The indignity inflicted by a few in the high command on the many in the junior officer corps and to all in the rank and file, is unbearable, More imponderable is the effect these recurring scandals have on military morale for both the present and the future.
To paraphrase appallingly: The desire for meaning, and the artifices through which meaning is pursued, wrest from inarticulate Nature--or from imponderable sorrow--ghostly, evanescent demarcations of who we are and what we mean to be.
And the mist rises and thickens around the cow, who will awaken inside this local cloud watching the white distortion of its face growing slowly clearer in the star-abandoned air, floating there before it over the imponderable water.
In this fluid equation entered the first imponderable -- Randhir Singh -- who thought he was winning.
By LINDSAY SUTTON A TEMPORARY peace deal may have broken out at Ewood Park - but the big imponderable is that there is no track record of the Indian owners.
It has been an imponderable for many then why Pietersen's runs dried up so dramatically in the 50-over format.
LEAVING aside the controversial "personality" bit attached to the BBC's Sports Personality of the Year award, this year has thrown up another imponderable with the runner-up prize going to the darts player Phil Taylor: What constitutes a sport?
Imponderable but not inevitable; warfare in the 20th century.
It throws another imponderable into what was already a fascinating clash.