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a discourteous manner that ignores accepted social usage

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This is just one example of many instances where Chinese impoliteness, or arrogance, has rubbed others up the wrong way.
The second largest category of 'incivility, impoliteness and intolerance' accounted for 12% of all complaints.
Incivility, rudeness, impoliteness, vulgarity, lack of respect, or bad manners is contrary to this model (Meires, 2018a).
But, being what it is, humanity soon introduced into it a kind of language characterised by rudeness, impoliteness, friendlilessness and absence of culture.
The above results show that participants favoured the use of more direct requests, confirming previous research which suggests that a preference for directness in SEs does not entail impoliteness. The extensive use of direct requests may be explained by the type of request the customers employed most.
However, apart from verbal impoliteness women were adamant that there was no other form of abuse.
It leads him to contemplate Chantal Mouffe's distinction between "antagonism" and "agonism"--between unproductive, antidemocratic discourse that dehumanizes and excludes, and the necessary impoliteness of productive civil argument.
406), "incivility implies a rudeness or impoliteness that violates some agreed upon standard of society." Tiberius and Flak (1999, p.
Chapter 4 looks at the more recent topic of politeness and its corollary, impoliteness. Chapter 5 provides an overview of Relevance Theory and explains the trade-off between explicature, that is, fully explicit communication, and processing effort, while chapter 6 rounds the book off with completely up-to-date information on all the recent spin-offs of the theories expounded in the earlier chapters.
Culpeper, "Towards an anatomy of impoliteness," Journal of Pragmatics, vol.
The summit was been dotted with some impoliteness in protocol processes.
Because making people wait is the height of impoliteness.
(11) The repeated use of interrupt clearly serves to illustrate his impoliteness, as can be seen in (23), which highlights his well-known rudeness when he does not let Charles Cheeryble finish his sentence:
'Cruelty', 'impoliteness', 'disrespect', 'impertinence', all our moral concepts denoting "wrongness" are constantly elaborated under the supervision of the category 'humanism'.