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a sudden inward collapse

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The bridge was felled in a controlled implosion that occurred just 25 feet from Emil Realty's buildings.
A month-to-month reprieve does not give insurance companies the predictability they need, but it avoids an implosion.
Pier E4s implosion will occur two weeks later, on October 29 in less than four seconds, with approximately 12,000 pounds of explosives.
An implosion was preferred as it was faster and minimized the dust and debris better than a mechanical demolition, according to the school.
In short the centre of gravity is based on creating an implosion within the institutions of the states either though the supra individuals or manipulating the three plains defined further by the use of irregular forces battle of networks increased access to global and domestic information platforms and reduced state capacity to respond to the challenge of decreased legitimacy for state action.
Of course, bubbles often expand or persist longer than expected, but the reasoning behind Reynolds prediction of a coming implosion is sound.
The experimental results -- the degree to which the imploding liner maintained its cylindrical integrity throughout its implosion -- were consistent with results from earlier Sandia computer simulations," said lead researcher Ryan McBride.
Wellington, New Zealand, Ramadan 16, 1433, Aug 4, 2012, SPA -- A 14-storey office tower tumbles to the ground in just a few seconds during New Zealand's first controlled implosion, AP reported.
Using the OMEGA laser facility at the University of Rochester, scientists have demonstrated enhancement of the fusion yield from a magnetized laser-driven target implosion.
Summary: A Florida building, once the tallest residential condominium in the state, came crashing down on Sunday, during a planned implosion.
5 seconds, and inspired Palm Beach resident Cathleen McFarlane Ross, 73, to host a benefit party for friends, who can watch implosion across the Intracoastal Waterway from her Palm Beach mansion on Worth Avenue.
It may be a temporary adjustment, and all will be back to normal in a few years, or we may soon see a collapse of the whole system, akin to the implosion of the Soviet Union in the 1990s.
A LONDON hotel has slashed the number of costly waste vehicle journeys to and from its site by taking advantage of a unique British glass implosion process.
Seen by many as the best goalkeeper in the world, the Chelsea star will be having nightmares about the role he played in the Czechs' stunning implosion during their winner-takes-all Group A clash with Turkey.