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a sudden inward collapse

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As we collect and organize information on the implosion, we are seeing more and more data that is building documentation that this method can be the best way to remove such large piers from the bay waters," says Chief Bridge Engineer, Brian Maroney.
View video footage from the implosion here: https://youtu.
The question is, can we start off with a thick enough tube such that we can complete the implosion and burn the fusion fuel before the instability eats its way completely through the liner wall?
And so we come back to plasticity as absolute exchangeability, Malabou's new, eminently metamorphic materialism; "The favored regime of change today," she has written, "is the continuous implosion of form, by which it is reworked and reshaped continually.
To much of the general public, the wrecking ball swinging on the end of a crane and the implosion of large structures are the images brought to mind when thinking about the demolition industry.
What I had internalized as preteen anxiety led to an implosion of truth.
Direct mail will also benefit from the certain implosion of e-mail, the big loser of 2005, as spam filters protect us from all but the friendliest of missives.
THE IMPLOSION OF Howard Dean led many to conclude that the hype over decentralized, Internet-driven campaigning was just one more dot-com delusion.
Enron, Worldcom, and Global Crossing offer spectacular case studies of corporate implosion while rumors of dubious bookkeeping if not outright fraud swirl around any number of previously estimable companies.
Haights Cross chairman/ceo Peter Quandt said the IT publishing industry "has been hit hard by the dotcom implosion.
Separately, many accounting experts believe that its implosion demonstrates that the auditing function is in serious straits and that changes are imperative.
Over the past 18 months, we have witnessed the implosion of dot-bombs as well as the short-circuiting major tech companies.
We're still cleaning up the site after the Pool 6 implosion," Brucha says, referring to the Dec.
By most indices, since 1965 there has been an implosion in the Catholic church in the United States.
The Folk Implosion, Clinic and Max Tundra will represent the record label as part of the four-day Heineken Green Energy Festival to celebrate the onset of summer.