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Oh, my good Master Gryphus," said Van Baerle, imploringly, and anxious as the partridge robbed of her young by the reaper.
If you would stop crying I could," said Anne imploringly.
Then I must go down on my knees,' said he; and kneeling before me, with clasped hands, uplifted in mock humiliation, he continued imploringly - 'Forgive me, Helen - dear Helen, forgive me, and I'll never do it again
Research has shown that because it's the dog's natural diet they feel fuller and are less inclined to look at you imploringly for more food," says Vicky.
I was absolutely fascinated; I looked at my mother imploringly but she ignored me and returned the music box to the French lady.
In this essay, "The Bend Back," published shortly after The Heat of the Day, Bowen imploringly asks, "Why cannot the confidence in living, the engagement with living, the prepossession with living be re-won?
Similarly the low mist enshrouding the remote mountain road, seemingly leading nowhere, or the leaning windblown tree standing solitary on the hillside, its gnarled branches reaching up imploringly into a spectral sky.
The limping waltzes, the slow polkas played on a broken musicbox that permeate this score gained extra poignancy as a viola line was brought imploringly forward or, conversely, middle voices were faded back to leave the texture hollow.
Greece, old Greece, the seat of early civilization and freedom, stretches out her hands imploringly," Luriottis pleaded.
You don't even mind the cat sitting at your feet, looking imploringly at you
It was too heavily oiled and came with the empty head of a prawn looking imploringly to the skies from a glue of brown butter, serving no purpose, an affectation too far.
When Mandricardo debates whether or not to accept Ruggiero's challenge (at XXX, 45--Dore 96), a winged, sword-bearing personification of military glory gestures peremptorily to the door, as Doralice half-rises from her bed to twine herself imploringly around her lover's neck; two cupids second her argument, standing or kneeling on her trailing garments.
In fact her only movements were when she dropped the bamboo, then gazed imploringly at the keeper until he gave her a fresh one.
Radnoti's speaker asks fate imploringly whether at least "one or two poems shall remain?
EXCLUSIVE BY ALLAN HALL in Kormishosh, Bulgaria, and TOM PARRY PACING up and down in a baking hot concrete pit in the scorching midday sun, brown bear Milcho gazes imploringly through the wire mesh that holds him captive.