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Synonyms for implore



Synonyms for implore

to make an earnest or urgent request

Synonyms for implore

call upon in supplication

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Desperate staff took to the Shakers' website to implore Dale left) to accept what they rate as "a very good offer" made yesterday.
I will just implore you to be patient as it will soon get to your turn,' he said.
'We implore the government and the entirety of the Filipino nation to continuously uphold and express our claim of rightful ownership over the West Philippine Sea.
"The Lebanese Diaspora energy body, registered as an independent organization, has done an exceptional job, till today, regrouping Lebanese energies across the globe once a year; consequently, in my capacity as the chairperson of the WLCU's Economic Committee, I hereby implore all concerned political parties to keep the Lebanese abroad in a total amicable union, far from any personal interests which can influence our feeble economy and lead to serious consequences," Menassa's statement added, deeming restraint and wisdom two indispensible factors in today's politics.
"When I speak to young people, I implore them, and I implore you, to reject those calls to pull back."
Elsewhere, Billy and Eva gE o to the O'Driscolls while they're out and implore Marta to come with them to safety.
Elsewhere, Billy and Eva go to the O'Driscolls while they're out and implore Marta to come with them to safety.
Unfortunately, the patient failed to recognize that the Nurse had no duty to implore the patient to go back to the surgeon who was responsible for the complications which arose from his failure to properly implant the device.
We as a neighbourhood team implore parents not to let children go out on bicycles in the dark without lights."
So, Zena, rescue me once more, I do very much implore. - Lily Flynn, Doncaster, South Yorks ZENA SAYS: How could I refuse such a poetic request?
He asked all Catholics to join him "as we implore the Blessed Virgin Mary, Mother of Perpetual Help, for her comfort in these times of economic distress: And we humbly ask for her.
MY WEEK Punting high Rash Judgement and Dennis The Legend set up a good Thursday Punting low Going on tilt after Shampagne got chinned by a horse who couldn't possibly stay in the Easter Stakes wasn't clever Popped into my local Hills to watch the Nell Gwyn and was staggered to hear a voice in the Hills studio twice implore punters to take the 5-2 Fantasia for the 1,000 Guineas because "she'll be a lot shorter on the day".
We implore Sir Paul to cancel his performance in Israel.