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an earnest or urgent request

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11.9% respondents were given healing breath water and asked to visit regularly, 11.1% respondents were asked to pray to seek forgiveness from Allah, 8.4% respondents were recommended to perform prayers regularly, 6.1% were asked for imploration (Mannat), 5.4% respondents were asked for personal donation, 4.6% respondents were recommended to distribute edibles to poor, 3.1% faith healers themselves offered prayers for the respondents, 2.3% respondents were suggested to apply dust on their body, and only 0.8% respondents were suggested to bind a piece of cloth to some holy place.
The magnitude of the tragedy in this story unfailingly calls to mind Count Ugolino and his children, but Gaddo's helpless imploration in Canto XXXIII, "Padre mio, che non m'aiuti?" (Inf., XXXIII, 69) (9) is replaced here by Chiara's resolute, almost dispassionate utterance: "Allora babbo, se puoi, sfacci pure.
Diary of a Mad Housewife's tyrannical Jonathan Balser, for instance, summons sex with the grating imploration, "Teen, how's about a little ole roll in the hay?" As Tina explains to her diary, because Jonathan takes a refusal to mean that something is wrong with her, she frequently complies with this request rather than incur his critiques.
(20) Rule 26 also lays out the general interpretative approach to other Rules, which were amended in 2006, in part to address the legal community's imploration for guidance.
Changing his pose from huddled, self-hugging introversion to a seated but imploring figure with Christ-like arms outstretched, Law's performance was once again very much in the moment; the depressive but logical reasoning-out of suicidal torment was made all the more tangible by a second baring of his wrist, this time in an imploration to have it slashed by his audience.
(69) Despite Venturewell's distressed imploration and threat of hunting Jasper down, Merrythought derides him further.
Whereas in In Memoriam the imperative "come" has been repeatedly pronounced by the poet or filial figure, the imploration issues in "The Wreck" from the maternal personality.
Meditations that contain aspects of adoration, praise, thanksgiving, imploration, or benediction come in between the outer framework.
What was more, Perche's "unintelligible nonsense" contradicted what "we conservatives" recognize as the "only spiritual right," namely, "the attainment of one's spiritual end by knowing, loving, and serving God." Jamey went on to criticize Verot's sermon on slavery, ending with an admission that Catholicism "indirectly" condemned slavery and an imploration that priests remain silent on the matter of slavery.
It is part imploration, part ars poetica, part goodbye.
"A particularly serious case is the omission of terms of imploration or beseeching, such as suppliciter and quaesumus, or of concession, granting, such as the parts of dignor," the observations said.
The tonality is heightened by the delicate, paradoxically stately lyric poetry of Orlando's imploration, echoed by the Duke:
In this respect, Underwood reiterates the audible imploration heard throughout the volume, that is, for policy-makers and development assistance agencies to include religious institutions in their strategies and their organization of economic development goals.