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an earnest or urgent request

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Changing his pose from huddled, self-hugging introversion to a seated but imploring figure with Christ-like arms outstretched, Law's performance was once again very much in the moment; the depressive but logical reasoning-out of suicidal torment was made all the more tangible by a second baring of his wrist, this time in an imploration to have it slashed by his audience.
69) Despite Venturewell's distressed imploration and threat of hunting Jasper down, Merrythought derides him further.
Whereas in In Memoriam the imperative "come" has been repeatedly pronounced by the poet or filial figure, the imploration issues in "The Wreck" from the maternal personality.
Meditations that contain aspects of adoration, praise, thanksgiving, imploration, or benediction come in between the outer framework.
Jamey went on to criticize Verot's sermon on slavery, ending with an admission that Catholicism "indirectly" condemned slavery and an imploration that priests remain silent on the matter of slavery.
Cette litanie inversee fait l'eloge de la cruaute et du vice, franchit le pas du sacrilege et prepare la mise en scene d'une imploration a la Vierge en une louange de la prostituee, l'une se transformant en l'autre dans une entreprise de dechristianisation thematique et formene.
It is part imploration, part ars poetica, part goodbye.
A particularly serious case is the omission of terms of imploration or beseeching, such as suppliciter and quaesumus, or of concession, granting, such as the parts of dignor," the observations said.
In this respect, Underwood reiterates the audible imploration heard throughout the volume, that is, for policy-makers and development assistance agencies to include religious institutions in their strategies and their organization of economic development goals.
The absence of commas around "dear" is Mary's grammatical maneuver of imploration.
Des les premieres notes du recital, Djamel Laroussi, affichant un dynamisme hors pair, est entre dans le vif du sujet, interpretant [beaucoup moins que]Laafou[beaucoup plus grand que], une imploration divine ecrite dans un rythme envoutant et des gammes pentatoniques.
Decades of implorations and objections did not help, the neighbours didn't care, and municipal and city officials did not care.
Sheik Hichem Ben Mahmoud, Imam of the Zitouna Mosque, followed by religious chants and implorations performed by Sheikhs Mondher Jeddi and Habib Nahdi.
However, Manon cannot hold on to this radical position: in contrast to this moment of self-assertion, Manon's anger is also punctuated by the more standard implorations, "Forgive me" "Take me back" (31), and "Help me deny my body