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The images show the outer surface of the imploding liner distorting until it resembles threads on a bolt.
Three months after treatment, 13 patients had responded to the treatment with a reduction in migraine pain, including 10 who had imploding or ocular headaches and three who had exploding headaches.
To explain these phenomena, some physicists have suggested that a plasma--a vapor of electrons and ions--forms in imploding bubbles.
For Van Beek, individuals pursuing selfless endeavours are the fingers in the dike keeping the community from imploding.
She said: "The system is overloading and imploding.
Yet, as the Washington Post has noted, the country seems to be imploding in many places.
When these beams were used to induce fusion reactions (with the fuel shell imploding to about 7 percent of its original radius or 1/3000 of its original volume), the primary neutron yield from deuterium or deuterium-tritium filled plastic shells increased by about 70 percent compared to similar implosions without polarization smoothing.
The kit supports all compression methods, including storing, imploding, shrinking, and inflating data, and it can handle most popular applications encountered by computer forensic specialists.
But window panes had already been imploding and a fix for all windows was still underway.
From imploding the first public housing project (4, 14-story buildings in Newark, N.
Since 1989, when Cuba's communist experiment began imploding, an estimated 200 to 400 top-level engineers, mathematicians, physicists, and other scientists have fled for U.
But, as EDI incisively points out to Master Ben, he just learns by watching and wasn't it Ben, after all, who disobeyed a superior's orders and flew off half-cocked through the streets of Rangoon, imploding buildings and giving terrorists a little taste of their own medicine?