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The drug may block the signals in sensory nerves located on the outside of the head that may cause the migraines called "imploding" and "ocular," he said.
Three months after treatment, 13 patients had responded to the treatment with a reduction in migraine pain, including 10 who had imploding or ocular headaches and three who had exploding headaches.
THE LATEST VICTIM OF THE imploding Mugabe regime isn't some unlucky farmer or miner, reports the AngolaPress news agency (May 5); it's the critically endangered black rhinoceros, a species thought to number fewer than 4,000.
IT passed almost without mention last week, given that Hearts were busy imploding again.
"Legislation and local laws are demanding more controlled demolition instead of imploding a building," Kausch says, which has had an impact on the numbers of multi-processors in use.
History is filled with examples of this bitter lesson, from the Roman Republic's prototype democracy imploding into Caesar's dictatorship, to Germany's Weimar Republic transmogrifying into the brutality of Hitler's Third Reich.
Kudos to Petronio for recognizing that his turbocharged style of choreography, practically imploding with physical invention and energy, is best appreciated in relatively brief quantities, like a super one-a-day vitamin.
Joint LANL/VNIIEF experiments conducted under Chernyshev's leadership set a LANL record for the number of deuterium-tritium fusion neutrons produced in a single experiment and a US record for the highest current and highest kinetic energy ever delivered to an imploding liner.
The Illinois chemists who have detected that atomic destruction for the first time have also directly measured temperatures of the imploding bubbles.
Similarly, despite growing indications that some employees are showing up for work hopelessly hammered from wild binges the night before, there still seem to be enough abstemious types out there to keep the economy from imploding. This suggests either that people are not showing up for work as wasted as the usually unimpeachable New York Post claims, or they are being covered for by industrious teetotaling coworkers.
This would oppose it to the directed programmatic operative of original Pictures practice." (3) "Imploding" is, I guess, an appropriate enough term for the reversal of valence stated so explicitly in the title of the event.
Yet, as the Washington Post has noted, the country seems to be imploding in many places.
ABC had two things to say to Oscar advertisers this year: It could wait until the last minute to unload commercial spots to squeeze a nifty price hike from an imploding economy; and beer ads, long verboten by the Acad, were OK if deemed creative enough, and, perhaps, if the economy is imploding.
The kit supports all compression methods, including storing, imploding, shrinking, and inflating data, and it can handle most popular applications encountered by computer forensic specialists.
But window panes had already been imploding and a fix for all windows was still underway.