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4 days per month, whereas frequency in participants with imploding or ocular headaches reduced from an average of 7.
To explain these phenomena, some physicists have suggested that a plasma--a vapor of electrons and ions--forms in imploding bubbles.
She said: "The system is overloading and imploding.
When these beams were used to induce fusion reactions (with the fuel shell imploding to about 7 percent of its original radius or 1/3000 of its original volume), the primary neutron yield from deuterium or deuterium-tritium filled plastic shells increased by about 70 percent compared to similar implosions without polarization smoothing.
But window panes had already been imploding and a fix for all windows was still underway.
The imploding phenomenon occurs whether the ultrasonic pressure wave is generated by piezoelectric (PZT) or magnetostrictive (MST) transducers.
The result: Republicans have become addicted to their own negative rhetoric and can't stop producing it, even though they are responsible for an imploding party and divided, disgusted and apathetic voters.
But, as EDI incisively points out to Master Ben, he just learns by watching and wasn't it Ben, after all, who disobeyed a superior's orders and flew off half-cocked through the streets of Rangoon, imploding buildings and giving terrorists a little taste of their own medicine?
Two years ago, the same team reported in Science that imploding bubbles in small tanks of acetone yielded neutrons and tritium, a radioactive form of hydrogen, suggesting that fusion was taking place (SN: 3/9/02, p.
The Liv-erpool Echo 's 1,086 death notices revealed the mawkish sentimentality of ``acommunity imploding on itself '' - ``getting off'' on the trage - dy.
An amalgam of decaying mountain, medieval building, and phallus, the mound always appears to be imploding or exploding in these works, which resemble pencil drawings on damaged paper (here the artist etched lines into a prepared surface of black paint overlaid with white).
Soon after, the parties say, argon gas began leaking from between the panes and windows began imploding, usually shattering the inner pane of the double-paned casements.
If they get through 17 days without bombs exploding or venues imploding, Athens goes directly to a New Golden Age.
Bubble power In a controversial claim, researchers presented evidence of nuclear fusion in bubbles imploding in a liquid bombarded by sound waves (161: 147 *).
Some of the animals that appeared in earlier Wilson productions - a giant frog or building-high cat's legs - are close cousins to Dodgson's Cheshire Cat or Caterpillar, and curiously, the worlds that both Dodgson and Wilson conjure, 100 years apart, depend on equal measures of irrationality and imploding scale to hook their audiences.