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After a few years of operation, the dot-com industry implodes and E has substantial suspended losses.
Eventually that kind of suppression implodes on itself, because it is a broad denial of things that run far, far deeper than material life," said Archbishop Peers, who added that in the former Soviet Union, suppression of religion proved to be literally a bloody failure.
The safest way to collapse the block is to weaken key support columns with explosives and allow gravity to do the rest as the tower implodes.
At the end of the period heaven descends to us, and the paradigm of ascension implodes.
Von Rothbart implodes, is shunned, and is discarded by the swans, finally collapsing lakeside, a la Hilarion.
Since more energy is taken into a bubble during a negative-going pressure event than is pushed out during a positive-going pressure event, the bubble continues to expand until its resonant size is attained, whereupon the bubble implodes.