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The authors examined subprime lenders that were included on the list of "imploded" or ailing subprime lenders at Mortgage Lenders Implode-o-Meter ( on May 16, 2008.
In 2002, after Argentina's economy imploded, the Southern Cone country imported just 100 shipping containers of the product.
Renko slowly sorts through happenings and personalities to finger the culprits, and that process is fun to follow, but the most absorbing aspect of this book is Smith's evocation of life as it has unfolded in the radioactive hell that surrounds the nuclear power plant that imploded in 1986 (the site will cool in 25,000 years).
The Internet companies that rocketed up and then imploded in the late 1990s and into 2000 may have had failed business models, but they had latched on to something important: it can be tremendously attractive to make employees owners and/or partners in the enterprise.
SHAZNAY Lewis looks simply stunning as she finally launches her solo career - more than three years since All Saints imploded.
Two works from artist Ewerdt Hilgemann's "Imploded Sculptures" series are on display on the Santa Monica Boulevard median in West Hollywood, California.
Then, during the high-pressure phase, the bubbles violently imploded to the accompaniment of flashes of light, evidence of a well-known phenomenon called sonoluminescence.
(CDI), Phoenix, Md., imploded three buildings and a water tower in February.
Then the telecom industry imploded. One strategic investor, who was deep into the telecom industry, got skittish and pulled out of the deal, which prompted the other to follow suit, leaving the company to go "hat in hand" to the venture capital community.
It's significant to remember that 10 years ago, racial injustice and economic inequality simmered unaddressed when Los Angeles imploded into three days of urban chaos unparalleled in America's history of race riots.
Stock options were the favorite form of remuneration to techies until stock prices imploded, but that didn't stop Wells Fargo from offering options on 150 shares priced at $50.50 to many of its employees -- who number nearly 5,000 in Colorado.
DOWNTURN: St John's House in Bootle will be imploded next month
"Even after the dot-com world imploded a year ago, gays and lesbians are only more infatuated with the Net," said Bob Witeck of Witeck-Combs Communications.
The agreement imploded over an unworkable pricing scheme.
Borchardt on stage, facing the academy, would have been a mind-blowing moment in pop history (has anyone ever imploded on live TV?) and a tribute to the life-transforming magic of media-caprice--somewhere between the Schwab's-drugstore-discovery legend and the career of Mark Wahlberg.