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Of the 275 imploded subprime lenders listed, 23 had data available from 2003 to 2005.
Conceptually often intriguing, Body packed powerful visual and kinetic images around such a flimsy frame that the work imploded on itself, its considerable energy evaporating like a cloudburst in the desert.
IRVING, Texas -- Under cloudy skies, cool temperatures and low winds, Texas Stadium was successfully and safely imploded on Sunday, April 11.
One up at half-time through Joe McMahon, Marine imploded to goals from Kevin Sansay (2), Dave Cockerill, Kirk Jackson and Andy White.
The band imploded in 1993 due to drink and drug abuse after a string of hits including It's On.
To be clear, Herschensohn's campaign imploded when operatives in the Democratic Party outed him for attending strip shows.
The three stacks, the most visible part of the building, will most likely be imploded.
Maintenance crews went into the chemical plant to assess the situation and found a tank had imploded.
The HarvardWatch report also notes that Enron was the subject of five glowing case studies by members of the Harvard Business School, as recently as August 2001--just before the company imploded.
Nearly 8,000 of the 11,200 photomultiplier tubes that line the inside of the domed steel vault suddenly imploded.
Met Life stands to lose $4 million in retroactive major capital improvement (MCI) rent increases at Stuyvesant Town and Peter Cooper Village because some windows installed in tenant apartments imploded after installation last winter.
The short but busy history of e-commerce is littered with examples of companies that thought they had found the secret formula to micropayment riches but unceremoniously imploded after a couple of years in business.
His former band casts a long shadow across his reinvention with Dirty Pretty Things, while Pete Doherty has snatched the limelight since The Libertines imploded.
The Romanian builder working on renovations was on the third floor of the five storey offices when the top two floors imploded at 4pm, showering the street.
team imploded, Odom burnished his reputation playing for coach Larry Brown.