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@ProfOsinbajo @MBuhari @NGRPresident The lack of Money in circulation,Now coupled with the Continuous Assault n Killings by Uniformed men 'll make this Country implode!!!It's Unbearable!
Indeed, if double-digit premium increases continue, Massachusetts' fledgling insurance program will indeed "implode."
I always think that communities that are inward-looking implode while those that are outward-looking explode."
In this mock trial, Anita Moneypenny and her fellow shareholders have filed a class-action suit against Implode Corporation CEO Richard Rich for breach of fiduciary duties in his handling of the company's finances.
It takes instinct and luck to ferret out the good parts, but the risk of staging something so logistically huge is that it might implode under its own weight.
Farther south, the Philippines and Indonesia have become breeding grounds for Islamic militant groups, while Indonesia has threatened to implode into chaos.
Now, they plan to implode - rather than explode - the drab 1960s Inland Revenue building a week on Sunday.
"Saving the utilities is the focus, rather than letting them implode," says Kelly.
Their mock heroic pilgrimage also features an "Acolyte of Satan pitching another mediocre Christmas special." While this incredible journey takes place, Kurytnik's film itself appears as if it is about to implode, as its images and sounds are riven with the "rain" and grain of a battered old print.
Whether speculative bubbles sometimes go too far and implode, as bubbles do, or are simply reactions of efficient markets to fundamentals (albeit in some cases, to governments changing the rules), seems to me to rest on one's view of the evidence to some extent, but also on prior beliefs.
The light causes the shell to implode and trigger fusion reactions.
On Thursday, the Gua Musang MP said the conflict between Anwar and Azmin Ali will implode, depending of the number of supporters both have should they choose to go head to head.
YESTERDAY'S SOLUTIONS Wee Thinker Across: 7 Dominic 9 Lunch 10 Early 11 Trumpet 12 Eel 13 It's a deal 16 Labourer 17 Ram 19 Catch up 21 Revel 22 Wiper 23 Endured Down: 1 Adheres 2 Umbrella 3 Andy 4 Flounder 5 Snip 6 White 8 Catastrophe 13 Isotherm 14 Aardvark 15 Implode 18 Scowl 20 Tape 21 Rods QUICKIE Across: 1 Shepherdess 8 Sly 9 Hop 11 Popular 12 Agile 13 Owe 14 Pea 15 Tangent 17 Tab 19 Ease 21 Iced 23 Span 25 Saga 27 Tar 29 Recount 31 Air 34 Apt 36 Craft 37 Chamber 38 Kin 39 Lay 40 Storyteller Down: 1 Slow 2 Hype 3 Pillage 4 Enrage 5 Drain 6 Ship 7 Sole 8 Sport 10 Peace 16 Tea 18 Big 20 Ant 22 Car 24 Pinball 25 Stack 26 Tomcat 28 Retry 30 Enter 32 Iris 33 Rant 34 Able 35 Pear
3 (ANI): The Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Admiral Mike Mullen, has expressed concern that Pakistan may implode with nuclear weapons in near future, and also "use" them.
The explosive devices implode, binding two cables together, said Mike Roan (left) of the BPA.