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Our experiments were designed to test a sweet spot predicted by the simulations where a sufficiently robust liner could implode with a sufficiently high velocity.
My biggest concern is that if Pakistan gets to a point where it implodes, you've got a country that could be an Islamist, theocratic country with nuclear weapons which could both use them and proliferate them.
Paul Worsey, a University of Missouri professor who teaches one of the few explosive classes in the United States, providing insight into the science behind how a building implodes and how explosives actually work.
Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, I have the privilege of representing Anita Moneypenny, who is in the courtroom, all of the shareholders who have been wronged by the Implode Corporation and other employees who had their 401(k) stock reduced to nothing.
The safest way to collapse the block is to weaken key support columns with explosives and allow gravity to do the rest as the tower implodes.
Saving the utilities is the focus, rather than letting them implode," says Kelly.
While this incredible journey takes place, Kurytnik's film itself appears as if it is about to implode, as its images and sounds are riven with the "rain" and grain of a battered old print.
The light causes the shell to implode and trigger fusion reactions.
Whether speculative bubbles sometimes go too far and implode, as bubbles do, or are simply reactions of efficient markets to fundamentals (albeit in some cases, to governments changing the rules), seems to me to rest on one's view of the evidence to some extent, but also on prior beliefs.
A downturn in the economy has negative effects on every business, but your business should not implode as a result of it.
Like the Gennifer Flowers scandal in 1992, Hart's nomination had its own Bimbo-gate, but unlike Bill Clinton, Hart baited the press and then passively watched his campaign implode.
3 (ANI): The Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Admiral Mike Mullen, has expressed concern that Pakistan may implode with nuclear weapons in near future, and also "use" them.
The blue of the blue states stands for them holding their breath and waiting for the other side to implode.
Outside the entertainment industry, said Abel Alcocer, labor analyst with the EDD, as long as the real estate market doesn't implode, the job market should remain steady.
Tiny gas bubbles swell and then implode with a fury now revealed to be extreme enough to strip electrons from atoms trapped in the collapse.