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inexplicitness as a consequence of being implied or indirect

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12) I will demonstrate its emergence on the case of the enthymeme, the oldest known device of implicitness.
Rather than reproducing popular melodramatic elements, the implicitness in Chekhov's dialogues, on the one hand, mirrors the stagnancy of "real life" in which, as the playwright observes, "after all, .
In terms of this complexity or implicitness rather than explicitness, Jost (1998) considers one example of a firm that included 'time at desk' as part of its performance appraisal system which itself was linked to reviews and increases in remuneration.
In case of lack of implicitness in the exact definition of LR regulations every action on this project will not be successful.
Reflecting on myself as a language-learner, I am a Chinese who is strongly influenced by the traditional Confucian values of modesty and implicitness.
subtlety, implicitness, abstractness and association) in their ads, which may have resulted in the decrease in the empathy and tangibles dimensions.
However, should his silence be driven by the worst case scenario suggesting implicitness, and then it becomes either him or South Sudan.
Richard Serra's work has been selected for the implicitness of intermedial and intersubjective perceptual processes involved in the conceptualisation and materialisation of his artistic creations.
His fictional texts treat the issue with a consistent implicitness, she says, while his essays make explicit claims as to how he wishes his work to be treated.
As Celati puts it in an essay on Calvino, it is "the implicitness and silence of experience that gives birth to the prose of the world" ("Palomar" 238).
The poetic and intellectual scene of Song-dynasty China is also at the heart of Jiang Yin's [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] remarkable sketch of the history of the concept of implicitness (hanxu [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII]), which the author connects to various Chan Buddhist notions such as "not revealing in words" (bu shuopb [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII]).
Nonetheless she sees an important significance to the 80s, when she began her own experiments: "It is new that we can look back on 30 years and have a more solid basis and another implicitness than before.
However, the implicitness of bisexuality is also a projection of our own schemas.
Like many other aspects of African cultures, reincarnation is profound when considered as an isolated concept, but when integrated into the cosmology, it is not the defining feature, but rather its implicitness is seen in the equal energy spent on insuring the well being of the person in the present physical world.