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in the nature of something though not readily apparent

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Alan Hunt's" Anxiety and Social Explanation" (Spring, 1999) addresses a critical need: to interrogate the psychology left implicit in many social explanations.
This transaction is designed to advance the recognition of value implicit in our core businesses among a broader pool of individual and institutional investors," Mathis said.
Businesses that choose to finance their purchases through trade credit have several options for payment: They may pay the supplier promptly and in so doing receive a cash discount; wait until the bill's due date and consequently pay the interest cost implicit in forgoing the cash discount, at a rate frequently higher than the rate on credit from institutional lenders; or pay late, after the bill's due date, and thereby risk incurring additional costs in the form of explicit interest charges or penalties, or both.
Rent-to-own contracts have been criticized for their allegedly high interest rates implicit in the payment stream.
The violence implicit in much of de Monchaux's work becomes explicit in Strange animal, 1998, in which small, mummylike figures are attached to another grid, as if hung on a gate.
It produces a comforting level of moral outrage and strategic clarity, but it risks making us insensitive to nuances and cruelties implicit in our understandings of good and evil.
Implicit in that decision is the need to build consumer awareness of the Providian name and the strengths we bring to our product lines," Bailey said.
The company continues to be gratified by shareholder interest and support and believes the forward-looking expectations that may be implicit in the business model of the NMDA are projected to be delivered to shareholder satisfaction as FY 2005 progresses.