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Synonyms for implausible

Synonyms for implausible

Synonyms for implausible

having a quality that provokes disbelief


highly imaginative but unlikely


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Other major political parties, sensing an opportunity as they did in the Senate elections, may form otherwise implausible alliances to increase their chances of success in a crowded field.
To acknowledge world best quality of mangoes of Pakistan a two-member team of Implausible Blog has visited mango orchards in Multan under arrangements of Pakistan Horticulture
In addition, the form of the selection's victory in last month's Group 1 Lockinge Stakes at Newbury has worked out well, so it is by no means implausible that he could win what could turn out to be a tactical race.
England's population is in fact only 53 million, yet it is still six million higher than that of those implausible and illogical world and European champions, Spain.
When you " reel off Eastenders storylines they seem implausible "
I have worked on a newspaper and I have been a journalist and it does seem to me totally implausible that this was a situation where it was limited to one journalist.
I find it wholly implausible that the Chief Civil Servant in a department which has been at the centre of one controversy after another, almost nonstop for the past two years, should not tell his political masters when he knew they were going to raid the offices and the home of a prominent opposition politician.
Implausible Beliefs in the Bible, Astrology and UFOs
The authors are particularly hard on homeopathy, calling it "the worst therapy encountered so far--it is an implausible therapy that has failed to prove itself after two centuries and some 200 clinical studies.
Dull descriptions of cricket in New York, stilted dialogue and implausible characters
Implausible beliefs; in the Bible, astrology, and UFOs.
If it sounds implausible, or even downright dangerous, this is what Craggers across the country are doing to cut energy usage.
Her hem and haws and squeaks can't help but be endearing, but she appears so unconvinced by the majority of her lines that the trickier bits (like the blithe acknowledgment of her late-in-life sexuality) come off as implausible.
Against: For all its entertainment value, not a great Scorsese film, mainly due to implausible plot that hijacks every scene.
In this town, worlds collide, barriers are broken and the implausible persists.