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Synonyms for impious

lacking piety or reverence for a god

lacking due respect or dutifulness


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As when the potent Rod Of AMRAMS Son in EGYPTS evill day Wav'd round the Coast, up call'd a pitchy cloud Of LOCUSTS, warping on the Eastern Wind, That ore the Realm of impious PHAROAH hung Like Night, and darken'd all the Land of NILE: So numberless were those bad Angels seen Hovering on wing under the Cope of Hell 'Twixt upper, nether, and surrounding Fires; Till, as a signal giv'n, th' uplifted Spear Of their great Sultan waving to direct Thir course, in even ballance down they light On the firm brimstone, and fill all the Plain; A multitude, like which the populous North Pour'd never from her frozen loyns, to pass RHENE or the DANAW, when her barbarous Sons Came like a Deluge on the South, and spread Beneath GIBRALTAR to the LYBIAN sands.
MAMMON led them on, MAMMON, the least erected Spirit that fell From heav'n, for ev'n in heav'n his looks & thoughts Were always downward bent, admiring more The riches of Heav'ns pavement, trod'n Gold, Then aught divine or holy else enjoy'd In vision beatific: by him first Men also, and by his suggestion taught, Ransack'd the Center, and with impious hands Rifl'd the bowels of thir mother Earth For Treasures better hid.
His fury boiled up, and when he had sworn half-a-dozen vulgar, impious oaths, without, however, venturing to lift the whip, he continued :-
On a sudden, having uttered a most impious oath, he cried, `I am resolved to bear it no longer,' and directly threw himself into the water.
FAISALABAD:Punjab Law Minister Rana Sanaullah said on Monday that due to Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan's 'impious behaviour,' no one would want him even as a security guard, let alone elect him as the prime minister of Pakistan.Referring to the PTI leader's alleged third marriage, the law minister said that it is not possible to call someone Sadiqorem style="font-weight: inheritAmeen who 'wrecked the house of a woman with five kids.
In a media briefing, Rana said that Imran wrecked the house of a woman with five kids, 'How is it possible to call someone this impious Sadiq or Ameen?'
The papyrological evidence refers to the "impious Nikochites," inhabitants of Nikochis, which Achilles Tatius identifies "as the most important settlement of the region and the bastion of the insurgents" (p.
Thus, I could not tell my students that Mary Shelley published her book anonymously when she was 20 years old; that when people found out she was the author, she was called perverse, monstrous and impious; that she had run away with the already married Percy Shelley when she was 16 and was only 18 when she conceived of Victor Frankenstein and his Creature; that the year before she wrote "Frankenstein," Mary gave birth to a baby who died days later; that she was rejected by her father and English society for living with the man she loved; that her mother, Mary Wollstonecraft, the author of "A Vindication of the Rights of Woman," had died after giving birth to her and Mary felt guilty about causing her mothers death.
Singh averred no power in the world could stop the government from resolving the Kashmir issue and hit out at Pakistan for its "impious" activities against India.
might be understood as a very clever capacitor.quite ready to subject the impious to a violent electric shock." (9) These explanations are generally seen as attempts to demystify the Ark, and to replace the power of God with human technology.
Behaviour of the pious: Allah has ordained fasting to purify us and distinguish between the pious and the impious. He who starts his day abstaining from food, drinks and sexual intercourse with his objective being the pleasure of his Beloved - Allah- gets the reward stipulated in the following Qudsi narration: "Fasting is for Me and I shall reward it".
The "sin" of impiety.  A polite atheist isn't going to go out of his way to insult a religious person.  But at the same time, an atheist is not likely to attend church, pray, honor the name of a god, or participate in any sort of religious ritual.  If you define this sort of lack of piety as a "sin," then yes, the atheist sins by omission every minute of every day.  While some of us are glad to have Sunday morning free (if you're in a Christian-oriented country), it's not like an atheist sets out to be as impious as he can.  It's simply an aspect of who he is ...
O impious act including all foul harms, A martial man to be soft fancy's slave.
The Kurds with their noble, democratic, egalitarian tolerance, respect for women, mild impious religiosity, and leftish politics offered a perfect fit for Levy's 19th century romantic nationalism, which the Kurds love.
Salome had three faces--one of them never seen--in the Met's late-fall revival of Strauss's opera, that impious take (courtesy of Oscar Wilde) on a favourite Bible story.