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unrighteousness by virtue of lacking respect for a god

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Nor are the reasonings of Schleiermacher, who argues that the Platonic defence is an exact or nearly exact reproduction of the words of Socrates, partly because Plato would not have been guilty of the impiety of altering them, and also because many points of the defence might have been improved and strengthened, at all more conclusive.
Pooh, pooh;" said the doctor, with the impiety usual in persons of his profession; "he is a churchman.
I am quite sure I never should have presumed to have taken such liberties with the god myself, and I was not a little shocked at Kory-Kory's impiety.
The Ayah says: "Eat not of (meats) on which Allah's name has not been pronounced: That would be impiety.
The General is sorry to be informed that the foolish, and wicked practice, of profane cursing and swearing (a Vice heretofore little known in an American Army) is growing into fashion; he hopes the officers will, by example, as well as influence, endeavour to check it, and that both they, and the men will reflect, that we can have little hopes of the blessing of Heaven on our Arms, if we insult it by our impiety, and folly; added to this, it is a vice so mean and low, without any temptation, that every man of sense, and character, detests and despises it.
Just before he is to hear his indictment for impiety, Socrates engages this would-be prophet in a conversation about piety (depicted in Plato's Euthyphro), a conversation Protagoras could never have taken seriously.
Without this if a person forcefully adopts the practice of child marriage, it demonstrates his ignorance, immorality and his impiety.
uk THE ancient Greek philosopher Socrates famously suggested at his trial for impiety that "the unexamined life is not worth living.
Holocaust Impiety in Jewish American Literature: Memory, Identity (Post-)Postmodernism
Without a system of accountability, she said, virtue could easily degenerate into impiety, adding that UN member states were equal so long as they afford equal opportunity to each other.
But there's not a word of mention of the 149 people this man murdered - this is ignorance and impiety.
The symbolism is clear and significant if reference is made to the three dramatic impiety trials in Athens in 400 / 399 BC--the trials of Socrates, Andocides and Nicomachus.
But when he goes on to claim that, "The text we inherit is sprung like a trap for pieties of every kind, including the piety of a principled impiety," he may have a fight on his hands.
Yes, of course Iraq added a new excuse, a new pretext, to a list of Islamist extremist grievances that range from the way women dress and behave to the rights of gay people (including the right to live, in Daesh territory) and the impiety of laughter and music.
If the penalty of expressing unsayable expressions or libellous expressions against other individuals was a fine of five hundred drachmae, the punishment of expressing impiety was death.