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unrighteousness by virtue of lacking respect for a god

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In Britannia Triumphans, then, when Britanocles, the embodiment of royal "wisdom, valour, and piety," gives way to Bellerophon or "Heroic Virtue," the latter is associated with the reclamation of both reason and chivalry from their debasement in the Socinian and magical impieties into which the king's church, so critics argue, has a tendency to slide.
Dismissing the ballad as a sign of "Common Impietie," the family devotes another prayer in honor of "our Deare Soueraigne, who hath so embellished his Crown wth Deuotion" (Blackstone, 184).
35See Arthur Bedford, A Serious Remonstrance in Behalf of the Christian Religion, Against the Horrid Blasphemies and Impieties Which are still used in the English Play-Houses, to the Great Dishonour of the Almighty God, and in Contempt of the Statutes of this Realm (Bath: Henry Hammond; Bristol: Richard Gravett; and Oxford: Anth Piesley, 1719), pp.