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a very contagious infection of the skin

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patients, involved 412 adult and pediatric patients aged 2 months and older with a clinical diagnosis of bullous or non-bullous impetigo.
Impetigo is a common, superficial bacterial infection primarily caused by Staphylococcus aureus.
Make an appointment with your GP as impetigo can usually be effectively treated with antibiotics.
Impetigo herpetiformis (IH), if left untreated, is associated with a high rate of perinatal morbidity and mortality and may lead to the decision of termination of pregnancy.
com)-- Foamix, a clinical stage specialty pharmaceutical company, announced today the successful completion of the Phase II clinical trial of Minocycline foam in Impetigo patients.
Clinical director of the Independent General Practice Q My sister's youngest son has just been diagnosed with impetigo and from the little I know about the condition, I seem to think I've heard that it's very contagious.
We deal with a vast range of presentations, from impetigo, skin rashes, glue ear, strep throat, sexual health checks and minor wounds.
One skin infection is called impetigo (im-pih-TIE-go).
NovaBay's pipeline of Aganocide compounds is being studied in numerous preclinical programs and is currently in four Phase 2 clinical trials, including for: impetigo, a highly contagious skin infection; urinary catheter bacterial biofilm blockage, encrustation and associated infection; conjunctivitis, or pink eye infection; and acne.
The Tel Aviv researchers found that between days seven and 14, a bin contained a rise of 130% in levels of Staph germs which cause skin abscesses, septicaemia and impetigo.
The diagnosis, PANDAS, was created when clinicians observed that following streptococcal infections, which include strep throat, scarlet fever, and impetigo, children developed tics and symptoms of obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD).
Lancefield group 'A' beta haemolytic Streptococcus (GAS) is capable of causing a wide variety of diseases, such as scarlet fever, pharyngitis, impetigo, acute rheumatic fever (ARF), rheumatic heart disease (RHD), glomerulonephritis, necrotizing fascitis and toxic shock syndrome, etc.
The group paid for treatment for one child with the skin disease impetigo and for another with an abscess on his foot that was causing severe pain and meant he couldn't walk properly.