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Synonyms for impertinent

Synonyms for impertinent

Synonyms for impertinent

characterized by a lightly pert and exuberant quality

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not pertinent to the matter under consideration

improperly forward or bold

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Already at the end of the seventeenth century, Gerard Langbaine claims that the plot of Lorenzo, Philippo and Abstemia in The City Night-Cap is borrowed from Cervantes's "The Curious Impertinent" (1691, 117).
"Immaterial" means evidence "tending to prove some fact that is not properly at issue; lacking any logical connection with the consequential facts." (6) Similarly, "impertinent" matter has been defined as material in a pleading "that is not relevant to the action or defense." (7) Such matter might include superfluous exhibits such as newspaper articles or other material comprised of hearsay or statements by nonparties incorporated to bolster a party's allegations.
After Arync slammed what he said an "impertinent" call by GE[micro]kcek, who runs the Ankara municipality for more than 20 years after winning five local elections from the ranks of the AK Party and its predecessors, and that GE[micro]kcek is not "dignified enough" to make such a call, the mayor published what he said an open letter to Arync later at night on his Twitter account.
A "MORE than impertinent" barrister - who showed "breathtaking arrogance" in demanding an apology from a judge he said was "rude" to him - has been slammed for his behaviour and could now face disciplinary action.
But on November 3, 1831, she confessed that she had been "very thoughtless and foolish" and "impertinent".
QUEEN Victoria admitted she had been "impertinent, thoughtless and foolish" in a diary which is to go on display this month.
John Hughes, Glasgow WOULD I be impertinent enough to suggest that Sir Alex Ferguson, who will go down in history, should be created a member of the Order of the Thistle?
But on Tuesday Maduro shot down the offer with an insult, calling the Spanish Foreign Minister "impertinent".
DOWN 1 Cocoa; 2 Elite; 3 Brass; 5 Lady; 6 Repulsed; 8 Impertinent; 10 Acupuncture; 11 Picnic; 14 Deny; 15 Baby; 16 Starting; 17 Morose; 21 Nerve; 22 Brain; 23 Hutch; 24 Omit.
Your question was by no means impertinent, on the contrary very fair and extremely relevant.
I'm hoping to see batsmen given out for being damned impertinent, interfering with pigeons, smelling faintly of linseed oil or simply "looking at me funny".
His impertinent put-downs prompted movie mogul Harvey Weinstein to quip after the ceremony that "knowing Ricky will never work again means a lot to me".
Haggart, who was serving on the council's standards committee at the time, wrote that although it seemed 'impertinent' to ask, he hoped she'd managed to get an 'all over tan'.e was later suspended over the incident and Beer then sued him - not for the content of the letter but for subsequent harassment.
POLITICO THEORIZED THAT [Rolling Stone freelancer Michael] Hastings had pulled off his impertinent coup because he was a freelance journalist rather than a beat reporter, and so could risk "burning bridges by publishing many of McChrystal's remarks."
The boy's very loud conversation consisted of a series of impertinent observations on the girl's appearance, taken in good part by the girl and laughed at by the father and included asking the girl repeatedly if she thought his father was gay, a subject and question he clearly found uproariously funny.