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Synonyms for impersonation

Synonyms for impersonation

pretending to be another person

imitating the mannerisms of another person

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"Prima facie, this is the case of impersonation wherein the name of PMO has been misused for committing financial fraud.
'This step is taken as a result of the huge number of applications recorded by the board, aimed at perfecting fraudulent acts that had aided impersonation in the first instance.
In the impersonation case, Halstead, Thomas Kozie of Oak Park, Cory Abendroth of Wheaton and Khoung Dam of Carol Stream were charged with impersonating an officer after they made late-night stops at homes in Wheaton, Winfield and West Chicago.
It revealed that many email attacks ranging from opportunistic spam to highly targeted impersonation attacks are getting through incumbent email security systems both in large number and variety.
Most notably, the report found that in the UAE impersonation attacks increased by 75 per cent, with 77 per cent of those organisations impacted by impersonation attacks having experienced a direct loss, specifically loss of customers (23 per cent), financial loss (21 per cent) and data loss (40 per cent).
Seventy-three per cent of those organizations impacted by impersonation attacks experienced a direct loss, specifically loss of customers (28 per cent), financial loss (29 per cent) and data loss (40 per cent), the report said, noting that social engineering attacks are a rising concern for organizations because they're often one of the most difficult to control.
Five citizens have been arrested on charges of impersonation and robbery from Hamriya.
Vashanta Stroud-Bennett, 45, of Paterson, N.J., was charged with second degree insurance fraud, second degree theft by deception, second degree impersonation, third degree impersonation and third degree attempted theft by deception.
YouTube said it was looking into ways to spot and stop the impersonation scams.
These range from malware attacks, system misconfigurations, web application, botnet, online fraud, online impersonation and online abuse attacks.
For doing a very good impersonation of President Duterte, a seminarian of the Regional Major Seminary (REMASE) didn't just win the admiration and applause of the crowd that had gathered at the Davao City hall, he also helped them get a sizeable pledge from no less that Mayor Sara Duterte herself.
- The Security forces arrested a number of suspects of terrorism, murder and impersonation of an intelligence officer in Baghdad.
Just select a vocal impersonation from the list you downloaded, then indicate your wake-up time.
Exclusive data released under the Freedom of Information Act reveals that 470 reports of fraud by impersonation were made to the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) in the financial year 2017-18.
IMPERSONATION: Police claimed on Sunday to have arrested four people for impersonation during the written test for police constable post.