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Synonyms for impersonation

Synonyms for impersonation

pretending to be another person

imitating the mannerisms of another person

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A teen in Southern California was arrested Tuesday for an ambitious series of police officer impersonations, (http://www.
ALSO READ: Man docked over alleged impersonation, extortion
Mr Ireri was found guilty on three counts of impersonation for filing an environment and land case with purportedly sworn supporting affidavits and thereafter prosecuting a succession suit.
Most organisations are more concerned about malware being the main risk to their email related security posture, but could be ignoring impersonation attacks which are on the rise, the email and data security company said.
Haunted City: Three Centuries of Racial Impersonation in Philadelphia
The post Impersonation attacks rise 400% in Q2 2017: Mimecast appeared first on Tahawul Tech.
Many states have criminal impersonation laws that potentially could apply to online impersonation.
HYDERABAD -- Citing rampant cheating and impersonation, Sindh University postponed the bachelor of law (LLB) exams on Saturday, drawing a strong reaction from the candidates and the legal fraternity.
Holland's impersonation was so hilarious that his movie co-star and episode adversary, Zendaya, literally dropped on the floor in a fit of hysteria.
This could only be said if Ghada's impersonation wasn't so spot on.
There's an ISO endorsement called "fraudulent impersonation coverage" (CR 04 17 11 15).
31 (BNA): Interior Ministry Undersecretary of Nationality, Passport and Residence Affairs, Shaikh Rashid bin Khalifa Al Khalifa honoured two employees from the Ports Directorate for discovering a forged passport and an impersonation case at Bahrain International Airport.
TOM Hiddleston said he felt "like a fool" when he did an impersonation of Robert de Niro in the presence of the acclaimed actor.
They will be made available to the national bureau to combat document forgery and impersonation inaugurated Tuesday in Tunis.
They were charged with impersonation of a public officer and theft with the use of force.