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not allowed

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not allowable

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or use Hong Kong to carry out infiltration and sabotage activities against the mainland is an act that crosses a red line and is absolutely impermissible," Xi said in a speech at the swearing-in of Hong Kong's new leader Carrie Lam
OCRs investigation into the impermissible disclosure revealed that CardioNet had an insufficient risk analysis and risk management processes in place at the time of the theft.
It includes almost 300 warning letters publicly released by FDA from January 2008 through August 2014, to companies that the agency claims: 1) have violated dietary supplement GMPs; 2) are illegally marketing a dietary supplement that contains undisclosed pharmaceutical ingredients; or 3) are making impermissible claims to prevent, treat, cure or mitigate a disease.
Kerry added just as it's impermissible for North Korea to pursue this kind of reckless effort, so they have said it's impermissible with respect to Iran, adding what their response is with respect to this will have an impact on all other nonproliferation efforts.
The question that the 1RS had to answer was whether the written instructions (generally limiting the taxpayer's right to receive distributions from her transferee IRA, through the written directions), constitutes either an impermissible forfeiture, or an impermissible assignment, either of amounts that exceed yearly required distributions or of any potential remainder interest in her transferee IRA.
In addition to safety and soundness issues, Easterling also saw "two great hurdles or barriers to such transactions-FOM and the second being impermissible assets or investments," said Bell.
According to experts it is impermissible for annual electricity losses to cost Macedonia as much as the investment in Boskov most power plant.
Impermissible or absence of a payment date or payment event
Legislation requires parties to check that donors are registered as voters, making Mr Nabi's gift impermissible, said the Commission.
Instead, the term is considered an impermissible definition of an otherwise permissible payment event (see below).
According to the NCAA, more than 300 impermissible phone calls were made to several prospective student-athletes, many before the contact period and others that exceeded weekly limits.
A new line of stainless-steel ejectors is designed for use where traces of oxidation can cause impermissible contamination of parts for medical, food-contact, or other sensitive uses.
2 (VOI) Co Senior Shiite cleric issued a fatwa (edict) banning as impermissible dealings with all e-marketing companies, terming the activities as "piracy.
According to the Women's Court, the Regulation creates an impermissible distinction based on age; in addition, age combined with reliance on social assistance is an analogous ground for the purposes of section 15 of the Canadian Charter (Journal Abstract).
They only became impermissible by virtue of an error in the electoral register, a register which Mr Bown was entitled to be on.