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preventing especially liquids to pass or diffuse through

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ultimately, it is envisioned that issues discussed during the dialogue will inform the production of a specification for use in a competitive process relating to the procurement of impermeable soil/clay.
AV-275 Soilgrout is a moisture-activated, MDI-based polyurethane resin that withstands wet/dry cycles to form a resilient, impermeable and rigid foam.
The imposition of solid impermeable floors creating increased dampness in walls, internal and external cement render and cement mortar pointing are all examples of relatively straightforward work causing the trapping of moisture within building fabric.
The caverns are impermeable to water, so there is no viable pathway to the biosphere outside.
Totally impermeable (plastic) film (TIF): A relatively new barrier, TIF has been shown to be the most effective in fumigant retention.
The Study: This study looked at the pooled data from 24 studies to determine if the use of impermeable mattress covers lowered the incidence of allergic symptoms.
Our research has shown that in many cases, the impermeable cover is unnecessary and can be replaced by a shallow soil developed directly upon the sulphide-bearing tailings.
According to the Iranian Nanotechnology Initiative Council (INIC), Iran Polymer and Petrochemical Institute has recently conducted a project intended to produce impermeable coats via miniemulsion polymerization from water based nanocomposites containing nanoclays.
I think some sort of impermeable membrane is the solution and meanwhile the area needs to be checked regularly.
There may be differences in the mineral and bacterial composition of the various tap, distilled, spring, and bottled water but unless these solutions contain solutes that are impermeable to the cell membrane, these apparent "differences" would not influence the distribution of total body water.
Here, the zinc skin is at its most impermeable and inscrutable, but to the north (sunny) side the house opens up through a glazed, steel-framed loggia that extends the main living space and frames views northwards to Coronet Peak.
The OEHS soil studies showed that a gas-mitigation system, which includes an impermeable membrane beneath the buildings and a network of pipes that will vent any sub-surface gases, will need to be installed, she said.
Similarly, impermeable lining materials known as geomembranes can be laid down underneath the structure before it is built, so that the seepage of water through the ground cannot erode foundations.
Plus, with the addition of barrier films and construction techniques, the material can be made impermeable to air if necessary.
One approach to coping with loss of methyl bromide as a soil fumigant in commercial strawberry and vegetable fields is to use a special plastic covering called a "virtually impermeable film," or VIF.