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Synonyms for imperishability

the property of being resistant to decay

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I believe that those extravagantly bent on extolling imperishability, inalterability and the like are prompted to utter these things by the anxious wish to live long and by the terror of death.
Is its nature such that it carries along with it imperishability (and thus souls are imperishable), or is its nature such that it does not carry along with it imperishability?
Schopenhauer actually echoes Ecclesiastes in the following passage, but his emphasis on species-being allows him to strike a more cheerful note: "They [individual animals] know nothing of others like them who have lived before them, or who will live after them; it is the species that always lives, and the individuals cheerfully exist in the consciousness of the imperishability of the species and their identity with it" (2:479).
The rationale behind this approach lies in the assumed imperishability of land compared to the improvements' limited life cycle.
To measure perishability, respondents were asked to rate how well three items (two related to imperishability and one to perishability) describe their company's primary products or services, those products or services that generate the bulk of their sales to external customers.
50) Waste, answering to a sense of destruction, points to the loss of the past and our exclusion from it; whereas Dust, representing the principle of imperishability, points to the circularity of the past and the impossibility of things disappearing.
Fictional tributes to fidelity in madness, Rodenbach's novel and Villiers' tale downplay the reality of physical decay, as they triumph over the evanescence of corruptible things by celebrating the imperishability of beautiful literature.
During the pre-game ceremonies the entire Coliseum went dark and the 93,103 fans--then the largest crowd to see a major league game--lit candles to symbolize the imperishability of Campanella's spirit.
Given that "the average man" believes that progress is good, "the future will always be the future, and we need not lecture tediously on the imperishability of principles;" accordingly, the "principles must be studied and used, but in such presentation that mankind will feel the march is forward.
When literature creates History, History consumes itself between imperishability and perishability, that is, between scholarship and parody.