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a policy of extending your rule over foreign countries

a political orientation that advocates imperial interests

any instance of aggressive extension of authority

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or any other--can act imperialistically or paternalistically.
In fact, as Edward Ingebretsen theorizes, and as the title of one of his books, Maps of Heaven, Maps of Hell, suggests, religion often tries to map, in real geography, through its particularistic tendencies, imperialistically defended textual and doctrinal territory.
enthusiast, imperialistically embracing its expanded role in corporate
915, 917 (2005) ("[The] pervasive assumption in constitutional law and theory is that government officials are empire-builders, imperialistically or avariciously intent upon maximizing the power or wealth of their offices and institutions.
The recommendations of the Commission, which stemmed from domestic considerations and concerns, might consequently be perceived as representative of Sierra Leone's evolving mentalities rather than emblematic of imperialistically imposed values.
The Bolivian earthquake victims, Pauline imperialistically thinks, need her, but she, in her turn, needs the domestic other, the Mahatma, to handle the stress of being responsible for the Bolivians.
Furthermore, and as Susan Dermody and Elizabeth Jacka have pointed out, in the face of perceived cultural forces emanating imperialistically from cinema industries in Britain and the United States, and with the government-backed assistance of the AFFC, this cinema set out to reinvent "essential Australianness" for a national audience in a way that finds parallels in the (doomed) efforts of the Mayor of Paris in Weir's film to shut off his town from the world to create an enclosed monument of and to itself (35).
1) Nnaemeka's article systematically asserts that "white feminists" seek imperialistically to appropriate and negate African literature and African writers, as their "Feminist politics makes the silencing, trivialization and misrepresentation of African women possible" (104).
103, 124-30 (2002) (accusing Kaplow and Shavell of imperialistically insisting upon an overly cramped conception of the human good).
Similarly, the United States was confronted with an alien Other that was both the "inscrutable" Oriental (and hence subject to the kind of devaluation Edward Said describes in Orientalism) and the dreaded Communist, unlike the South Vietnamese who were viewed condescendingly and imperialistically as a good, childlike people who needed the guidance of Western civilization if they were to reap the rewards of liberal democracy.
In a novel where imperialistically "fixed standard[s] of conduct" (80) were identified as never-changing cornerstones of social existence to be articulated in the discourse of symbolism, treachery and colonial aggression are best intimated in the allegorical language of misunderstandings and semantic overflow.
Further, the United States responded not through a process of global constitutionalism, nor in the form of a mere police action, but imperialistically by unilaterally declaring war on international terrorism and setting loo se its war machine on the Taliban government in Afghanistan.
Clearly not all women are included in Oilman's "We"; rather, it is white women who will reproduce a "purified" stock, imperialistically imposing "pure" genealogy on the globe.