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Synonyms for impenetrable

Synonyms for impenetrable

incapable of being grasped by the intellect or understanding

Synonyms for impenetrable

not admitting of penetration or passage into or through


permitting little if any light to pass through because of denseness of matter


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impossible to understand

References in classic literature ?
An impenetrable mystery" was sure "to hang for ever" as far as all mankind was concerned.
His revolutionary career, sustained by the sentiment and trustfulness of many women, was menaced by an impenetrable mystery - the mystery of a human brain pulsating wrongfully to the rhythm of journalistic phrases.
It was the abode of an impenetrable night; as though indeed the last day had come and gone, leaving him alone in a darkness that has no to-morrow.
Yes, and I say to you, if you are really strong, really superior, really pious, or impenetrable, which you were right in saying amounts to the same thing -- then be proud, sir, for that is the characteristic of predominance.
As the last foot touched the rock, the canoe whirled from its station, when the tall form of the scout was seen, for an instant, gliding above the waters, before it disappeared in the impenetrable darkness that rested on the bed of the river.
When they had gone Tarzan gathered up two of the ingots and, springing into a tree, ran lightly above the tangled and impenetrable mass of undergrowth for a couple of hundred yards, to emerge suddenly upon a circular clearing about which the giants of the jungle forest towered like a guardian host.
If I am content to sit down ignorant in the face of such an impenetrable mystery as this--presented to me, day after day, every time I see a living creature come into the world or go out of it--why may I not sit down content in the face of your lady in the summer-house, and say she's altogether beyond my fathoming, and there is an end of her?
To hear those beautiful lines which have frequently almost driven me wild, pronounced with such impenetrable calmness, such dreadful indifference
A miscast Ewan McGregor plays a teacher who, on holiday with his wife (Naomie Harris), becomes embroiled in a sinister - not to mention impenetrable - Also starring Damian Lewis and Stellan Skarsgard.
Mr Melding, chair of the committee, said: "It is impenetrable for the ordinary citizen.
Global Banking News-November 24, 2015--UK fund owner says banking sector impenetrable
Subject of the contract is the manufacture and supply of protective equipment for police officers, which comprises the following sections - Lot 1: Armoured shirt;- Lot 2: Bulletproof vest B;- Lot 3: Helmet - impenetrable.
Last one Last one 24: LIVE ANOTHER DAY Wed Sky1 9pm 24: LIVE ANOTHER DAY Wed Sky1 9pm If you thought security was impenetrable at the CTU headquarters in 24, that's nothing compared to the ring of steel around the show's final episode.
MASTER BLASTER: Jack and Chloe If you thought security was impenetrable at the CTU headquarters in 24, that's nothing compared to the ring of steel around the show's final episode.