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the state of being imminent and liable to happen soon

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The impendence audiometry was performed in all 31 cases and Type 'A' type curve was seen in all these cases.
At the time of impendence only 644 students were enrolled in universities.
All participants underwent body composition analysis assessed by bioelectrical impendence analysis.
Based on the fact that the impedance of a homogenous slab of material does not depend on its thickness, the effective boundary is determined as the location where the impendence difference between two slabs of different thickness is minimised [31].
However, with the location of the pins father from the center, the impendence matching of the low frequency end has deteriorated.
7 mm, better impendence bandwidth which can meet the requirement for WLAN/WiMAX standards is obtained.
Many efforts have been made to compensate for the mutual coupling effect through the coupling impendence matrix combining numerical computation technique (e.
The Chechen Struggle: Impendence, Won, and Lost New York: Palgrave Macmillan, 2010.
Ali Osman also called on the opposition parties to participate in a national dialogue about the major issues in the country like Darfur crisis and the new constitution after the impendence of South Sudan.
Body fat was estimated with two methods, the skinfold thickness method and bioelectrical impendence analysis (BIA).
2, it can be seen that at the same fault point, single-phase earth fault and phase-to-phase short circuit fault vary greatly in terms of convergence tendency and convergence speed, while different types of phase-to-phase short circuit faults present similar impendence convergence.
The typical impendence spectra of the samples coated with titania-containing hybrid films after different intervals of time are presented in Fig.
Elementary students were subjected to a series of fitness assessments including: resting heart rate, height, weight, body mass index (BMI), Percent Body Fat via Bioelectrical Impendence (Raustorp et.
However, the author speaks at some length of the Arab nationalist movement which unsuccessfully attempted to face off with Israel, but skips the depth of the secular Palestinian national movement that broke away from official Arab nationalism leadership and kept the Palestinian struggle for freedom and impendence alive all these years, albeit under threat today from an Islamist trend in the region.
Boukine praised the late premiere's struggle for the impendence of Lebanon.