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a material's opposition to the flow of electric current

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If a certain impedance is to be achieved for given trace dimensions (as specified by the PCB manufacturer), then by varying the dielectric height it is possible to achieve the required impedance value (FIGURE 2).
As the dielectric constant, [SIGMA]r, primarily influences the propagation of the E and H fields and the current flow through the conductor, it is obvious how important the surrounding medium (the dielectric material) is on the achieved impedance and the signal propagation.
'Post-stack inversion provides only acoustic impedance, while pre-stack inversion provides us with acoustic impedance, shear impedance and density, and other quantitative inversion attributes.
As a result, defining impedance specification is an effective way to analyse stability for this system.
The impedance value initially decreased under the high RH conditions as the LiCl amount increased.
(2000) presented another form of elastic impedance inversion by introducing a planar boundary between two layers of acoustic media, which depends on ray parameters.
"This is why we advice customers to look for a headphone that matches impedance both ways because with this, you'll be able to get the best performance," the executive furthered.
In case of a Cremer silencer, the value of optimal impedance depends on frequency, duct dimensions, and the order of the propagating waveguide mode.
[13] designed a nondestructive device to obtain the impedance spectrum of the whole strawberry fruit and later on performed classification by utilizing corresponding equivalent circuit parameters (constant phase element, CPE-P, and [R.sub.infinity]).
In the patient-active training, an assisted-as-needed strategy was introduced by employing impedance control.
Figure 1(a) illustrates a configuration of a step impedance resonator (SIR) consisting of three consecutive lines with two different characteristic impedances ([Z.sub.p] and [Z.sub.s]).
In the study, the effects of elastic and plastic deformations in medium carbon steel on the impedance shift of an eddy current sensor were experimentally investigated.
Obviously, this type of magnetic surface impedance requires the non-planar fabrication process, which is usually difficult to be met, especially in optical regimes [29].
In conventional research, a non-contact measurement method of the load impedance was previously proposed [4].