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If this difficulty [in enforcing the order] would arise from the impecuniosity of the plaintiff, the court will of course have to take an account of the likelihood of his succeeding in his claim, for it would be a total denial of justice that poverty should bar him from putting forward what is prima facie a good claim-.
It is true that the Court would extend equitable relief to a widowed pensioner, but this leaves open the question as to what degree of impecuniosity is sufficient to attract equity's protection.
APBC sought a permanent stay on determination on the grounds of alleged impecuniosity of Aircon;
This account is not borne out by the earlier part of the play, and seems to be intended to deflect blame from Maria: her marriage to Toby leaves her still dependent on Olivia financially, given Toby's apparent impecuniosity, and Olivia has just identified the handwriting in the forged letter as Maria's and told Malvolio that he can be 'both the plaintiff and the judge | Of thine own cause' (353-54).
Chancellor Boy George Osborne might even rat on CPI indexation, pleading Government impecuniosity.
Of course, the picture is not entirely rosy, as is confirmed by a recent study pointing to the impecuniosity of artists and young galleries.
The cause of the family's chronic impecuniosity was that her philosopher father, Bronson Alcott, one of the founders of the Transcendentalist Movement, never really had a job, at least not for long.
Yet he was acutely conscious of his own impecuniosity relative to those around him, including his brothers Allan and Tom as well as John Hoadley, the husband of his sister Catherine, and Richard Lathers, the husband of Allan's sister-in-law, Abby Thurston.
T]he principle upon which legal aid is granted in individual actions--the impecuniosity of the plaintiff--does not address the economic problem faced by a prospective plaintiff in the class action context.
His irresponsible love affair with a servant girl at the Apothecary's house in Grimstad made him a father of an illegitimate child and caused him to pay maintenance fees for fourteen years, despite his abject impecuniosity.
At Ayr, John Wilson lands a 1,695-1 treble with Impecuniosity (Peter Niven) in the novice chase, Persuasive (Jason Callaghan) in the claiming hurdle and Young Miner (John Quinn) in the novice hurdle.
152) In Russia's case, the impecuniosity of the polluter may serve to make liability for its actions meaningless.