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Synonyms for impeccability

the quality of being without an error or fault

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the quality of being exempt from sin or incapable of sinning

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Myths of leaders' impeccability, military efficiency, and state media credibility work variably to embed these power relations into citizens' imagination of social order.
This almost-human frailty, together with the presence in the Persiles of the incongruous and contradictory, and not its impeccability coupled with the logic of a plan for a total novel, may one day make me reread the Persiles differently.
Freedom, Impeccability and Beatitude (Continuum, New York, 2003) 121; E.
Hemingway wrote to Pound; "I am glad to read of Herr Elliot's [sic] adventure away from impeccability.
Last year, the Raheja group took over the resort--but they have maintained the impeccability of the resort.
This diverse group is united thematically and presumably intellectually; they hail from the diverse fields of Political Science, Anthropology, Sociology, Southeast Asian studies and Islamic studies--perhaps the addition of an economist would have lent this compendium an air of impeccability.
the impeccability of a true healer's practice lies in his or her skill at bringing your power out, not in taking it away.
She would send her latest work of academic impeccability, I my articles, more aptly "letters from a broken heart".
The new "wonder of the world" attested to the precision and impeccability of French engineering and offered a powerful, symbolic representation of the relationship between France and China.
A mother who could be blamed for her child's deformity, as mothers usually were in the Middle Ages, she cannot, however, be the cause of her offspring's possible monstrosity due to her impeccability.
Adam's state under Raphael's tutelage, "yet sinless, with desire to know," despite the narrator's confirmation of impeccability, is ominously likened to a tantalizing "streame, / Whose liquid murmur heard new thirst excites" (PL VII.
But when procedural requirements are so rigorously enforced that the public is given good cause to believe that courts ascribe greater value to procedural impeccability than to substantive justice, citizens justifiably lose confidence in the integrity of the criminal justice system.
If you are circumspect, you may even admit to yourself there are officers and soldiers junior to you who may, with some merit, question the impeccability of your character.
Because good manners are rooted in thoughtfulness, and treating your date or mate respectfully, with a dash of impeccability, reminds your loved one just why they were attracted to you in the first place.
Cripples and Other Stories," the one rhymed poem in the second half of Live or Die, written in October 1965, is sing-songy, self-mocking, and deliberately lewd--a far cry from Sexton's previous impeccability when using form.