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the state of being liable to impeachment

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Or have they lowered the standard for what passes for impeachability so that a shortcoming in the area of court management or a delay in responding to a colleague's bellyachings is now a ground for impeachment?
I am not saying that the President's alleged misconduct relating to the Paula Jones and Monica Lewinsky matter did not ultimately satisfy the constitutional threshold of impeachability.
Even after he left office, Richard Nixon was probably subject to impeachment and disqualification from future officeholding; and Congress perhaps could legislate to prevent destruction of any papers that might relate to impeachability.
But the constitutional law expert argues that this country could someday fall into circumstances - though admittedly rarer than regular impeachment - where late impeachability could be a practical consideration.
So that's bordering on impeachability,' De Lima said.
He is an impeachable official, yes, but impeachability simply means that an impeachable official such as vice president can only be removed through impeachment," she was quoted as saying when she spoke before members of the Kapisanan ng mga Brodkaster ng Pilipinas.
8] The political accountability of representatives and senators ensures that in formulating pragmatic judgments on the impeachability of the President's misconduct, the members of Congress discount or defer to the original understanding to the extent that their political circumstances and calculations allow them to do so.
By similar reasoning, the Clinton acquittal could be construed by subsequent Congresses as a rejection of the House's judgment on the impeachability of the President's misconduct.
See STARR REPORT, supra note 2, at 129-30; see also Peter Baker & Susan Schmidt, Starr Alleges 'Abundant Lies': President Denies Impeachability, WASH.
Again, that's a question of exactly what is the basis for the impeachability of the President when other Republic Acts or other acts have been declared as also unconstitutional.
the formal and functional arguments as to the impeachability of the First
So bordering na 'yan to impeachability e,' she said.
Justice Secretary Leila de Lima last week said that the Constitution is not clear and categorical to what extent they [impeachable officials] may be subject to prosecutorial action without their impeachability being affected.
The courts, especially the Supreme Court can categorically decide on whether or not the filing of a criminal charge amounts to a violation of impeachability, she said in a text message to reporters.