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Synonyms for impassive

Synonyms for impassive

Synonyms for impassive

having or revealing little emotion or sensibility


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deliberately impassive in manner

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D in anthropology, a masterAEs degree in theology, and a cache of hundreds of letters his parents exchanged during World War II, writer Larson delves into the wartime milieu and his parentsAE courtship and marriage and finds that his perfect mother kept secrets and his impassive father was anything but lacking in feelings.
While Abigail Breslin, who plays his daughter Maggie, can comfortably carry it off, Arnie remains as impassive as an Easter Island statue, robbing the film of its emotional oomph.
He was impassive as survivor Max Eisen, 85, told the trial in Lueneburg, Germany, how he had just seconds to say goodbye to his father and uncle as they were led to the gas chamber.
How can we remain impassive before such crimes, justified in the name of religion?
Balotelli's inventive move works though, and the zombie stumbles away in pain while Mario watches with the same impassive expression he has after scoring a goal, the report added.
Dancers Nicole Vivien Watson, Molly Hodkinson and Beth Loughran occupy three of them, looking inwards, impassive.
Casburn, from Hatfield Peverel in Essex, outside London, remained impassive as the verdict was given.
For, when the hawk is about, everyone hides - except, of course, those impassive sentinels, who have come to symbolise our city in all its moods.
Last year's winning trainer Ed McMahon says Impassive is not of the calibre of Temple Meads, who is back cantering in preparation for the Betfred Sprint Cup, while Brian Meehan's booking of Silvestre de Sousa could be a pointer to the claims of Lowther Stakes entry Mention.
insect's vacant shell, skull of animal impassive as stone--its
He appeared before the judge yesterday wearing a scruffy dark-coloured jumper and appeared impassive during sentencing.
Many believed, and still believe, that Schubert was an impassive fellow whom nothing could shake.
I came for the impassive face of Taos Mountain, its stoic calm, green
James, of Hailes Park Close, ParkIelds, Wolverhampton, and Price, of All Saints Road, All Saints, Wolverhampton, remained impassive as they learned their sentences.
There's nary an ounce of fat in helmer Maximilian Plettau's stylistically unvarnished approach, though his impassive camera places him squarely in the Frederick Wiseman mold.