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Synonyms for impassable

Synonyms for impassable

incapable of being negotiated or overcome

Synonyms for impassable

incapable of being passed



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God's impassability, possible demons, and fallibility, would presumably not challenge what he knows, if he knows everything a priori.
Expecting a dialogue but getting demands, Chief White Bird's face "assumed the condition of impassability, of rigid fixedness, while in council, and probably for fear that some passing event, some look or work, might surprise him into the betrayal of the slightest emotion, he kept his immense ceremonial hat on and placed a large eagle's wing in front of his eyes and nose.
In Les carps glorieux, however, he changes Messiaen's impassabilite (Thomas Aquinas's impassabilitas) to impassiveness, rather than the more traditional impassability, thereby introducing the odd image of bored souls indifferent to their life in heaven.
It is no coincidence that the most important proponents of the Russian modernization project--the Bolsheviks--saw the vastness and impassability of the Russian landscape as an 'enemy' whose crippling and decelerating effect had to be fought and indeed 'liquidated'.
What remains for humans to contemplate are the negative assertions about God, such as His immortality, immutability, impassability, and invisibility.
Lieb points out that Milton's portrayal of an emotionally changing deity, both in De Doctrina and his great epic, differs significantly from the view of God offered through the doctrine of divine impassability, a doctrine favored by many church fathers and later by Reformed theologians, including Calvin and the divines of Milton's time.
We have [already] known humanitarianism as alibi, but now we are entering into the humanitarianism of impassability and of the dead end.
His remarkable perf sculpts countless detailed steps in Standard's journey from confident success to a man made hollow by his clerk's impassability.
RBMU had worked in North Bihar since 1899, with a view to the ultimate opening of Nepal, but had since decided to suspend sending of new missionaries to the region because of the lack of results and the seeming impassability of the Nepal border.
Years later, steamboat pilots frustrated with its impassability and frequent floods called it The whore who would not stay in her bed.