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the transmission of information

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They said there was no use to send the Pakistan U19 junior team to Oman as they players invited to attend the camp were very raw and the coaches were in the process of judging their individual talent by imparting them the basics of the game.
The fundamental aim of the offered classes is capacity building in robotics, imparting knowledge of artificial intelligence to students, promoting innovation for automation led industry in future.
Imparting good moral education and keeping a proper check on the activities of children in their adolescent age would do," the court said.
20 -- A core team of the Human Resources Development Ministry and others dealing with education were having a serious discussion on imparting value education to school students.
Dhanbad (Jharkhand), Mar 7 (ANI): Jail authorities in Dhanbad Jail are imparting computer training to jail inmates to equip them with skills for the future.
The harder you hit the ball, the more spin you are imparting.
Naperville, Illinois, said that specialty performance chemicals provide value in the papermaking process by improving both operational efficiency and imparting certain physical properties to the finished sheet.
The goal of imparting this experience then raises an important question for the instructors: specifically, what additional hands-on assignments should one incorporate in a course?
As well as being expert at imparting body language dogs are also expert at reading it, so what messages do you think you are imparting to your dog?
The personnel going through this NSAWC class will be responsible for imparting this knowledge to the fleet as the curtain gradually falls on the F-14.
The invention also provides a novel chromosome integration vector capable of imparting a novel selective marker of a drug resistance to a fungal transformant, a transformant transformed with this vector and a process for producing the same.
This coating enhances metal fill to reduce poor fill and insulates the surface to assist in reducing die temperature while imparting release properties.
Among them is Hostanox 03, a hindered phenolic said to be superior to Irganox 1010 types in imparting long-term heat stability.
Imparting a negative charge to a drill bit can speed the rate of rock fracturing, he says.