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His pain resolved following ganglion impar block with 4 mL of the local anesthetic ropivacaine 0.375%.
If n[alpha] is impar and [f.sub.T-j] = [f.sub.j] for each j [member of] {1, 2, ..., T - 1} and if n[alpha] is par and [f.sub.T-j] = -[f.sub.j] for each j [member of] {1, 2, ...
Adas, "Transsacrococcygeal approach to ganglion impar: radiofrequency application for the treatment of chronic intractable coccydynia," Journal of Pain Research, vol.
Candy GL (2008) The current distribution of the Striped Legless Lizard, Delma impar, in south western Victoria: Predicting habitat associations at a landscape scale.
Como observado anteriormente, as NTN-Bs com vencimento em ano impar vencem dia 15 de maio e as que vencem em ano par, 15 de agosto.
By the end of fourth week, anterior two thirds of tongue (oral part) develop from 2 distal and 1 median (tuberculum impar) tongue buds.
A estos catorce poemas escogidos, que se presentan en edicion bilingue enfrentada (con el original ingles en pagina par y sus traducciones en pagina impar), siguen <<Algunas notas>> (107-110).