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Synonyms for impanel

enter into a list of prospective jurors


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select from a list

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If we had another case that rose to that level, I would be asking an impanelment of the House Judiciary Committee to review it for possible impeachment procedures," Kyle said.
The judge, shaking his head in disbelief, declared the jury impanelment the equivalent of a mistrial Then we were dismissed.
251) He explained further that the Texas courts were forced to adjust their standard of attachment in accordance with the federal minimum which, in jury trials, set the attachment point for Fifth Amendment double jeopardy protections at the impanelment of the jury.
If each side were to exercise its full complement of peremptory challenges, a minimum of 48 qualified jurors would be needed to complete the jury impanelment.
Tenders are invited for Impanelment Of Testing Laboratories For Testing Of Samples For Development And Building Works Of Gda