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enter into a list of prospective jurors


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select from a list

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More recently, Clinton used an executive order to impanel an advisory board on race that focused on how to nurture "one America.
When it came time to impanel a jury, the clerk of the court, sometimes
More and more often, companies facing the types of issues that the hypothetical raises impanel special committees, hire independent law firms, and appoint new directors.
431 30-0-0 The proposed amendment to subdivision (g)(1) clarifies that the court has the authority, in the court's discretion, to impanel more than 2 alternate jurors.
By far the most sweeping regulatory reform since the Great Depression, the legislation would create a Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, impanel a council of regulators to monitor the financial system for major risks, and impose tough regulations on derivatives that require banks and their parent companies to segregate much of the derivatives trading business.
Besides, at the risk of over-thinking things, if "She Got the Look" truly wanted to teach women to love themselves for who they are as they grow older, why impanel these contestants and then immediately begin making them over?
Attorney's office to impanel a federal grand jury to investigate Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty/USA.
At the end of the year, we impanel judges from across the healthcare IT spectrum to read and evaluate all What Works articles published during the calendar year, and to determine for us the top three winners and honorable mention awards from among that year's contenders.
They filed a Petition against the hospital in its capacity as a qualified health care provider to Impanel a Medical Malpractice Review Panel with the Patient's Compensation Fund Oversight Board.
The US Justice Department has asked Judge Laffitte to reverse his decision, arguing that it would be difficult to impanel an impartial jury in Miami.
The City Council voted Wednesday to impanel nine people - including some longtime police watchdogs - to conduct a six-month investigation into the causes and consequences of LAPD's Rampart scandal.
Each year, the editors of HMT are proud to impanel respected judges from among the user, vendor and consultant communities of healthcare IT to read and evaluate What Works case histories from that year.
The new company also will impanel a privacy advisory board, which will include privacy experts as well as physicians.
Nazario, the government's ability to impanel 12 civilians to sit in judgment over the actions of a Marine in combat is unconscionable and must be reevaluated by Congress," said Marine Dream Team member Joseph M.
They say the city wants to impanel neighborhood councils that are pawns for City Council members.