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In 2010, he unleashed his Impalpable Russia collection for Bench Uncut.
Internal Anatomy: Ultrasonography is done for the presence of uterus, impalpable gonads in the inguinal canal, renal anomalies and adrenals.
This marker can then be detected by a magnetic probe during the operation and will guide the surgeon to the tumour reliably and precisely during a breast lumpectomy for impalpable breast cancer.
Minimal invasive surgery in the form of laparoscopy has gained worldwide popularity for the management of impalpable testis and inguinal hernias in pediatric population in the recent years13.
The philosophical origin can be traced back to Laozi, who interprets Tao as something with both the image of a thing (Xiang) and the essence (Yi): "For Tao is a thing impalpable, incommensurable.
Es irresistible el influjo de la imaginacion constructivo-poetica de Heer para hacerse de Capone, o hacerse Capone, o bien para que eventualmente Capone se feminice y sea Liliana Heer y Angie en el impalpable camafeo de una melancolica primavera sentimental, manifestandose bajo la forma no de una decision sino de una fenomenica de montaje estallado.
Modern medical images including ultrasonography (US) (3), computed tomography (CT) (4), magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) (5) and positron emission computed tomography (PET-CT) (6) play important roles in detecting cervical lymphadenopathy (7), especially for impalpable nodes due to small size or deep locations (4), which require pathologic diagnosis from surgical resection (4) or biopsy (8) specimen to determine malignancy, histologic differentiation, and clinical staging (9).
When the impalpable lesions are classified as BI RADS IV and V, the cytological and/or histological diagnosis is crucial to define the appropriate therapy (3).
The gowns reportedly came from Cinco's recent "Impalpable Dream of Persia" collection.
The latter use the intangible nature of the former to enjoy complete hegemony over sovereignty, with the Constitution clarifying that neither of these mysterious, impalpable and yet omnipresent entities be questioned.
The gown, which will set you back at least $30,000 (Dh110,178), is from his Impalpable Dream of Chrysalis Collection.
In describing the "Impalpable Dream of The Butterfly," Cinco says: "And so the butterfly emerges from its chrysalis and metamorphose into this cape made in the lightest of fine mesh."
Endomag has developed a minimally-invasive surgical guidance system, which can locate early-stage and impalpable tumours, and help determine whether the cancer has spread.
Kotb, "Laparoscopic orchidopexy: the treatment of choice for the impalpable undescended testis," JSLS, vol.
Thus, James Bryce noted long ago that although public "opinion declares itself legally through elections," it "is at work at other times also, and has other methods of declaring itself." (13) Elections are only an "intermittent mechanism," whereas public opinion is "constantly active" and, "in the long run," can exercise "a great and growing influence." (14) Bryce observed that public opinion "rules as a pervading and impalpable power, like the ether which...