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the act of piercing with a sharpened stake as a form of punishment or torture

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The wire had twisted during impalement and had become hooked to the soft tissue.
"The incident was a 'first' for many of us at the scene and I'd never responded to an impalement as severe as this.
The meeting discussed a report by the union's head on activities carried out during the previous period and the action plan to be impalement in the upcoming two years as well as the formation of the union's executive board, he noted.
of the cells and how they impalement their duties and functions as per
These raids and military actions caused an incredible amount of deaths (especially, by impalement) and cemented the depiction of Vlad Tepes as a ruthless leader and torturer, especially in the German Transylvanian, Turkish and Russian reports.
Transabdominal impalement: Absence of visceral or vascular injury a rare possibility.
The simulation case, a dual trauma with victim #1 (pediatric electrocution injury from a downed power line) and victim #2 (pediatric neck impalement) presenting 3-5 minutes into the case of victim #1, requires an effective team to be divided into 2 teams with 2 leaders.
The management of impalement brain injury, an extremely rare type of PBI, depends on the case, and an initial management strategy has not been well-established.
Joining Barbie were 19 million plastic "dive sticks"--cigar-size weighted sticks that stand upright at the bottom of the pool-recalled after six "impalement injuries." And 300.000 Colorful Hearts Teddy Build-a-Bears were yanked off the market because they were covered in "substandard fabric" which could rip.
The penetrating mechanisms included impalement with a cow horn, as well as injuries sustained by a saw, an axe, barbed wire, a spade, stones and knives.
Wooden foreign bodies are particularly liable to fragment, both on impalement and withdrawal which makes their removal a particular challenge.
Oropharyngeal impalement injury accounts for 1-2% of all pediatric trauma [1].
Roberto's impalement and the subsequent spectacle it generates occur at the very beginning of the film.
Other causes of fawn mortality included disease (n = 2), cactus impalement (n = 2), premature birth (n = 2), starvation (n = 2), and unknown causes (n = 4; Table 3).