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Synonyms for impact

Synonyms for impact

violent forcible contact between two or more things

the strong effect exerted by one person or thing on another

the capacity to create a powerful effect


Synonyms for impact

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The tip of the income statement impact is the electronic/paper arbitrage opportunity for bank fees.
The immense seismic vibrations from an impact can create temperatures high enough to melt or demagnetize some rocks in and near the crater.
Randall asked Newhall Land to determine the project's effect on the portion of the creek's corridor located in Ventura County, assess any feasible mitigation measures that may be required in response to any significant impacts, and that Los Angeles County consider this material and adopt any findings necessary to conform with the California Environmental Quality Act.
Most of the impact diamonds are smaller than the head of a pin," Sharpton says.
The researchers also found that different peptides formed when they varied the pressure and duration of the impacts by changing the speed of the projectile and the thickness of its tip.
If it was done in the way flood-control experts in our county think it should be done, it would show far greater impacts on flood control in our county,'' said Thomas Berg, director of the Resource Management Agency.
Our findings indicate that the actual impacts of offshore LNG development, and in particular the use of OLV systems, on fish populations is expected to be substantially less than the minimal impacts already predicted in the EIS," said Paul Boehm, Ph.
Armed with these five roughly coeval craters, Spray sought to plot the impacts on a map of Earth.
Compact and lightweight, the DMR impacts lead the pack providing easy maneuverability.
6 billion in third-party annual economic impact to non-Disney businesses throughout southern California;
Over the next decade, geologists accumulated considerable evidence backing up the impact theory, but they failed to find the most crucial element of all: a crater left by the killer crash.
The Company's work to date with respect to the restatements and revisions and the principal estimated impacts mentioned above, as well as the Company's and NNL's expectations as to timing of filing their financial statements and related periodic reports, are subject to a number of important limitations, including:
In the cornfields of the western part of the state, buried under 30 meters of glacial gravel, there is a 35-kilometer-wide crater called the Manson, Iowa Impact Structure.
While the principal focus of Nortel's restatement process has been management's practices regarding accruals and provisions, the Company has previously identified a number of other adjustments, including to revenue, and included these adjustments in its updates of estimated restatement impacts.