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Synonyms for impact

Synonyms for impact

violent forcible contact between two or more things

the strong effect exerted by one person or thing on another

the capacity to create a powerful effect


Synonyms for impact

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[3] using a 36.3-ton truck to impact at 80 km/h a steel column with a diameter of 900 mm.
This study was limited to the impacts of the loss of federal matching funds resulting from a reduction in state TennCare expenditures.
Two of the most common types of crushers used in recycling are jaw and impact crushers, although cone crushers play an important role as well.
For instance, the committee recommends the use of a measure called a quality-adjusted life year, or QALY, to create the most viable measure of human health impacts. Calculations of QALYs address both length of life and degradation of health to create a score.
When a severe frontal collision occurs, the four crash sensors mounted on the front fork measure the change in acceleration caused by the impact and convey this data to the airbag ECU, which determines that a collision is occurring and whether or not it is necessary to inflate the airbag.
Scientists had proposed that repeated meteor impacts gradually smash asteroids as small as Eros into loosely cemented aggregates of rubble.
The Town and several individual residents had argued that the City was required to assess the potential impacts of its decision to locate the treatment plant in Van Cortdlandt Park in the Bronx on the Town's water supply and water infrastructure.
Based on a linking of these similar constructs, and the inclusion of additional concepts drawn from the QOL literature, the disability centrality model for measuring and understanding the impact of CIAD is proposed.
The article from the University of Utah discuss the role of service-learning in enabling young students to develop a high school project aimed at improving the community's environmental health, emphasizing community health impacts, public awareness, and policy recommendations to promote change.
Brownstock linerboard machines have achieved zero effluent by controlling machine runnability and strength with novel wet end additives designed to perform under high conductivity conditions with tolerance to "anionic trash." Also, the negative impacts of water closure on unbleached board brightness and color are a relatively low priority in corrugated boxes.
Although both accelerometers and ultrasonic AE sensors were demonstrated to be successful at detecting impacts on Space Shuttle structures, accelerometers were chosen for the initial implementation of the WLEIDS because of the availability of existing flight qualified sensors and instrumentation.
Positive Impact Forestry: A Sustainable Approach to Managing Woodlands by Thom J.
The purpose of this study was to identify how the summer camp experience impacts staff members and to better understand if emotional intelligence (EI) is developed through summer camp employment.
The first was to add to the available body of knowledge by testing human volunteers in low-speed rear-end impacts at a level that was at or below the level currently associated with no significant risk of injury.
"Global warming is here, it's happening now, and its impacts are accelerating," says Gordon Ringius, director of the soon to be opened Observatory Earth Inc., located at Quetico Centre near Atikokan.